Sunday, March 13, 2011

What mother earth is telling us..

I am a mountaineer for almost 20 years now.

I climb mountains not to compete or for accomplishment, but to see the beauty of nature from the top. 

Whenever I reach a mountain’s summit, I say a short prayer of gratitude to our Creator. Thanking Him for this wonderful creation before me. Being on a higher ground and cool wind blowing upon my skin makes me feel closer to Him and I believe His talking to me through the wind and the sunlight.

I want my kids to feel the special feeling I felt when I climb mountains. I want them to experience it and feel it, so that, they will give importance and take care of it.

When I became a mountaineer, I began to care for my environment. In my own little way, I learned to discipline myself and make little steps at home in taking care of mother earth. It may not be much, but big changes start from little steps.  

Last Friday... when I saw the video of the Tsunami that devastated north of Japan... I realized God is talking to us. He’s using mother earth to tell us that we are doing something wrong. He’s telling us, that we need to take care of his creation… 

I didn’t sleep until 3am Saturday…  I monitored the Tsunami alert in the Philippines. As the news said, the Tsunami will hit Isabela and Quezon among the other province. I was paranoid. My parents and relatives are in Isabela while My husband’s families are in Quezon. By 7pm, the Philippines was in Tsunami Alert – 2nd level.  I played the Tsunami videos over and over from Japan and I panicked.

What if this happened to the Philippines and what if it happens to me or to my family? I feel devastated with this thought. Shocked really.

But it didn’t. THANK YOU VERY MUCH LORD for sparing the Philippines. By 11:30pm, Friday, the Tsunami alert in the Philippines was lifted. We were safe..

This means, we still have a chance to change. To change our ways. To try to think of mother earth, this time.  

Again, small steps leads to big changes. Start within ourselves. Care for Mother Earth, even in your own little way. Be a good example to others, So that they may copy you. And then it will start from there. 

That paper cup for your coffee every morning or that cigarette butt that you left on ground is not doing good to our Mother Earth. Start caring now. Start caring for your Mother Earth, like you care for your family. It’s their future that you’re caring for too.

Today… I’m still climbing mountains. And lovin’ it. I’m taking every opportunity to be close to nature.  My outlook towards life will never be the same again. I will share this opportunity to my kids, while it last. And start showing them the gifts of mother earth and the importance of taking good care of it.

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  1. nice adventure. i was able to climb mt maculot and pico de loro when i was still in college.

    i've tagged you in this post.



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