Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 44 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 29, 2011 is the 39h day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Tuesday.

"Back to Hip-hop Abs" 

I Have so many activities lined up for me for the following days... So my team and i agreed to do hip-hop abs during lunch time. So we could still continue with our workout even with lots of work.

Plus, my kids are going on a vacation for 3 weeks and i want to spend much time with them this week.

So no after office jog for us this week.

Breakfast: 1/2 rice, 1 slice of Longanisa and Spinach omelet, 1 coffee (I was having too much of my coffee quota for one week, but with lots of work, i need the power of coffee to keep me going..)

Lunch: 3 wheat tuna sandwich, 1/2 pineapple

PM Snack: 2 wheat tuna sandwich

Dinner: 1 ham and egg sandwich from Captain Burger

One of the many activites for me this week is Linux training. And by 6pm today, Ate glen invited me to eat dinner before the training. But since i already ate, i just decided to accompany her instead. 

But while we were waiting for her ham and egg burger to cook, i cant resist the smell, so i ordered one for myself too. haaayyyy.. 

Went home late again... So much for wanting to  go home early for kids...hayyyy...

Day 43 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 28, 2011 is the 43rd day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Monday.

"4th Official Weigh-in Day" 

I was excited to start my new week today.

So after my 30 minute walk to the office, changed into my office  uniform and shoes, my team went to the warehouse and had our weight checked.

And since i was guilty of eating during my 2-day training plus i ate rice twice yesteday, i wasn't expecting big lost of weight from me... 

But when i stepped on the scale, it displayed -- 61 kgs!!! A 3.6kgs weight lost from Day 1!!!

I am now officially leading my pack. 

I am living my dream. 

I remember a phrase constantly mentioned during our training -- "What you mind can conceive, Your body can achieve" ...This is it..

I'm so proud of my self right now. If i could kiss myself, i would..hahaha...

With five weeks to go, i'm at 36% of achieving my goal of losing 10 kgs excess weight. Wow!!! I have a long way to go... but this is better than not losing at all... I began to wonder, how the other teams are doing...

When the committee representative arrived after lunch. We were not expecting big lost this week, and we were not surprised. I was the biggest loser for our team this week, contributing 3 pounds lost. But one teammate gained weight,bigger than what i lost, so not much lost on the record for this week.

It's ok, we still have 3 more weigh-ins to go. 

After analyzing what went wrong and  some right things we did, here are my observations:

1. Drinking too much, especially high calorie beer (even if it says "light"), will definitely add on to your weight. 1 bottle of "light" beer is equivalent to a 20 minute jog. So, the next time you grab that bottle, be sure that you're going to run for it..

2. Eating Pulutan too much, is the same as drinking too much, especially if its during the night, and the most delish pulutan dishes contains too much calorie content, no questions asked.. 

3. No Dinner, but eating chocolates instead, is the same or even worst than having no dinner at all. Better munch on an apple and keep those chocolates supplies away...

4. Walking is a good contributor to losing weight. Especially in the morning. Since, morning exercise boost your body's metabolic rate, by walking for 30 minutes, you already had your day's workout quota.

5. Working late and having no dinner at all, is not advisable. Period.

Breakfast: 1 cup ginisang togue, 1/2 cup rice, 1 slice of papaya

Lunch: 1/2 pineapple, 2 lumpiang togue, 1 hard boiled egg.

PM Snack: 1 coffee, 1 wheat cracker (thanks to fed!)

Dinner: 1/2 pineapple, 1 chockies ( thanks to bren! )

Day 42 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 27, 2011 is the 42nd day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Sunday.


"Bonding Time"


After my 2 days training(Friday-Saturday), my 2-day weekend with my boys was cut short, so i was thinking of something to do with them on the 1 day left of my weekend.

And finally, i decided... the best bonding moment with them, is staying home. Simple and practical.


Breakfast: 1/2 cup rice, 1/2 cup giniling with mixed vegs.

So, after going to church with the whole family and to make our weekend special, hubby and I cooked their favorite Sinigang, which is Nilagang Baboy really. We just tell them it's sinigang because kuya Karl's fave is sinigang.


We cooked the Nilaga on our traditional kalan, using gatong as fuel for the fire. This is also to save gasul. So after several minutes of boiling the spare ribs until tender, my boys assisted me in cooking the Nilaga. Kuya karl was my runner in getting the salt, pechay and sandok while Kent was my "taster". And he would always say "'rap!" short for "Sarap". 


I have discovered this technique on how to make picky-eaters love to eat... Make them involved in cooking. 


Lunch: 1/2 cup rice, 1 cup nilaga, 1/2 cup giniling with mixed vegatable.

So by lunch, we shared the Nilaga together with Glen with some leftovers from dinner and breakfast. I knew that the Nilaga was good, 'coz the rice was bitin. Thanks to Glen who donated her cooked rice to the table..hahaha...

By late afternoon, while the kids played, i set up my laptop by the veranda, so i could play with them once in a while, while i blog and plan my week ahead (From this day, i will start to plan my coming week every sunday, for better time management, applying what i learned from my recent seminar). 


While the kids from the kapitbahay played with my boys, i shared coffee with Glen. While we talked about blogging and work...and munch on a junk-food combination of Nova-Piattos-Taquitos labeled as "Pica-Pica", Siopao (from Hocha) and coffee...


PM Snack: 2 slices of siopao (the siopao was divided into 10), handful of "Pica-Pica"  chips, 1 mug of coffee, 1 Sky Flakes Fit

By dinner, hubby volunteered to cook Sweet and Sour Tilapia. I wasn't planning to eat dinner, coz tomorrow is official weigh-in day, but i can't resist to pass on my hubby's special Sweet & Sour Tilapia. Which is actually good. I could have eaten a whole tilapia plus a lot of S&S sauce, but got hold of myself. I just satisfied myself with half of the tilapia.


Dinner: 1/2 Sweet and Sour Tilapia

This was indeed a good bonding moment for my family and friends... It was just a simple day, but 100% worth it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 40-41 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 25-26, 2011 is the 40th to 41st day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Friday and Saturday.




 As i have mentioned on my previous post, i will be attending a leadership seminar for 2 days.... In our company, attending seminars like these are one way of "de-stressing". First, you dont have to think of work for 2 days, unless of course for urgent calls. Second, Trainees are treated to sumptuous array of food. And third, your working mind gets to rest for 2 days... and get's to absorb new knowledge...


As i undergo the 2-day training, i have made a number of realizations.. i have also met new acquaintances and i hope, i didn't gain weight..hahaha...


Breakfast: 3tbsp ginisang ampalaya, 4 pcs tocino, 2 tbsp rice, 1 egg (sunny side up), 2 tbsp achara

 My mom cooked ginisang ampalaya for breakfast, with Kikiam as sahog. So as not to offend her of leaving the house without eating, i just ate 3 tbsp of the ginisang ampalaya and then head off to the training center..



Before the training started, they served us Tosilog. I gave 90% of my rice to Ruth and enjoyed my tosilog with 2 tbsp of Atchara. 


Then the training started...


The training's goal was to develop us into worthy leaders. And to be worthy, we should "Walk the Talk".. We should be like the "Eye of the Storm", wherein, we should always practice "Grace under pressure".. 


To be able to do this, we should analyze first old habits and develop new ones.


In the beginning, we were asked of our existing habits. I have listed down mine:


1. eating breakfast  2. Feeling inferior 3. Being "masungit" 4. Observer 5. Exercising 6. Planning ahead 7. Documenting anything/everything 


As i list my habits, good and bad, and as the training went on, i had a few realizations, that i wrote:


1. Have to develop new habits ( saving habits, healthy living, earth friendly living)


2. Have to erradicate bad habits ( being masungit and mayabang, which is the mask i use, to able to cover my inferior feelings)


3. To continue on my good old habits ( exercise/healthy living, not only during the challenge )


4. I have to start saving for my retirement and for my kid's schooling.


5. Keep promises to myself.


6. I have to do concrete act of kindness.


7. Be gentle with myself. (I should start rewarding myself)


8. I have to renew myslef. ( Still trying to convince myself for a makeover)


9. I should improve and develop my talent. (Blogging, Photography. Thanks to Tin Fe for making me realized, that im good at Photography. I'm still in the process of convicing myself that.)


When lunch was served, it was good, that i'm with Leah (teammate). We get to audit each other on our meals.



2 inihaw na tilapia, 2 nilagang talong, 1 cup of manggang hilaw with pork bits and bagoong alamang. with 2 tbsp achara.



Leah and I were the last one on the dining table. Dessert was mixed fruits. So when all of the participants were done with lunch, but with 4 more desserts on the table, we ate them all... 


After lunch, came some more realizations.... 


I could never forget the part where we were asked to introduce ourselves, by completing the phrase "I am a ____". So i wrote down, what i think of myself.. so as not to forget..


I am a firm believer that i can be happy even with the simple things in life.


I am a realistic and open minded person.


I am beautiful, in and out. (I was not able to say this line out loud. I might be thrown outside the training room. hahaha...)


After i told this to the group, except the 3rd part, i felt good about myself. Our trainor suggest we start complimenting ourselves, to make us feel better about ourselves everytime.


PM Snack: Lettuce & Pipino with 5 slices of ham, mayo and mustard, with 1 glass of strabberry juice.


The snack was supposed to be a sandwich, but leah and I made it into a salad instead. To omit on the carbo intake.


On the latter part of the day, we were asked to composed our Personal Mission Vission. Due to limited time, i was able to make a draft instead...I plan to make a separate post for this, if i have time..


My Personal Mission Vision 


1. Simple Life. ( Since i dont have all that i want in life, i set my mind to be happy even with the things that i have. Thanks to Bro Bo, who made me realized this 5 years ago... by Reading his book "Simplify")


2. Balance life for Abundance. (For me to achieve abundance in life, i have to give equal opportunity for the different aspects of my life (self,work,family,friends,romance,rest, recreation, health, faith, wealth)).


3. What comes around, goes around. (I have no concrete list of things i want to do, but i always keep in mind the rule of the universe in everything that i do..)


Day 2.


Breakfast: 2 puto, beef mami. Plus extra sabaw.


Lunch: 3 pcs of lupiang ubod (fried), 1 cup calderata beef, 2 glasses of ice tea. 1 cup sinigang na bangus.

After eating 1 cup of calderata for lunch, our trainer shared that the RDA for meat should be the size of a matchbox only. Felt guilty after hearing this...


PM Snack: 2 saging, 3 tbsp pansit, 1 buttered bread. 

As i undergo 2nd day of the training, i have a few realizations yet. 

Time Management. As i listed my activities from the past week, most of it belongs to the "Important but not Urgent", which is good. This means, i'm investing my time for preparing, planning and preventions. However, there are still times that i spent on unimportant and not urgent activites which took up valuable time like facebooking and gossiping. I got a plan on composing a post about the effects of facebooking to me, one of these days.


So because of this realization, i'll save my Sunday afternoon (or Night) for my "Planning" for the coming week.


I'll also limit my blogging to 1-2 hours a day, just to keep my sanity and not took up much of my time. 


As for my "facebooking" and "movie marathons" , i'll try to limit it so as not to affect my sleeping time and health, most especially.


Nothing much to say on the details of the 2nd day of training, but after the training, i'm sure, i am a different person after.


Thanks to the trainers who impart their knowledge to the participants, and to the food that they fed us, of course.


After the training, i went straight home and prepared for my jog at the fort later. But after waiting for 30 minutes for Nong, hubby and I decided to cancel the jog and just walk all the way home. But before we started our walking marathon, we ate dinner at Hocha. Even if weren't able to jog at the fort, the night turned into a date night. Hubby and I were able to talk about our family's summer plan.


My unplanned date night


Dinner: 1 siopao, 1 cup of beef soup.


Since its our fist time to eat at Hocha, we graded the Beef Mami to 8.5 while the siopao is 7. The siopao has less filling, but The beef mami has a unusual curry taste, but still good. 


Home by 8:30. We slept early because we turned the lights off for Mother Earth...



Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 39 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 24, 2011 is the 39h day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Wednesday.
1 cvp chopsevy
2 pcs pandesal
3pcs Sky flakes Fit 
with tuna sandwich spread

PM Snack:
1/2 pineapple
1 slice of pakwan

Sky Flakes Fit

I have lots of things to do today. I had to finish task assignment for my team, since i am scheduled for a Leadership training tomorrow until Satvrday.

Before starting work, we went down to the warehouse and get our weights measured. And according to the scale, i am now...... 61.3 kgs. That's a decrease of 1.1 kgs from my monday weight of 62.4 kgs!

So far, i'm leading or team's most lost weight! Since the beginning, i lost 3.3 kgs.

Come to think of it, I have jogged only once this week. But walked my way to the office 3 times, so far. And since, i freqvently worked late this week, i was not able to eat dinner at home. Hmmmm... I just hope i wont gain weight after my 2-day training tomorrow and saturday. 
We'll see...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 38 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 23, 2011 is the 38th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Wednesday.
"PMS Day!!!" 
I am not feeling well today. on "PMS Mode".
I did not walk to the office. My body's too painful to do that..
I was 10 minutes late for work. I was snail-walking on my way to the office.
i have PMS today...
i even had debate with my boss ( Oh no! )..
i didn't join my team on our after-office run, coz i'm not feeling well...
but i'm a robot. and i have to work.  so i painstakingly went through my day's work.
it is so unfortunate that women have to undergo this day of the month. so, gentlemen, who are reading my blog, when a lady is in "PMS mode"..beware! and be sensitive..

1 pc longanisa
1 pc tilapia (paksiw)
1/2 rice

AM Snack:
5 tbsp of oatmeal (banana flavor) from Ophie. Jst want to try oatmeal, since i have no food supply except for my frits. Taste good, but dont like the texture. Will try the plain flavor next time..

What's left of my Nissin Cup Noodles
2 cups of Nissin seafood cup soup. 
(Soup only! I just want to be able to sip on hot sabaw as comfort food..I need all the comfort i could get today..)
PM Snack:
3 pcs Sky Flakes Fit
1 cup coffee (Still trying to comfort myself for drinking something hot.)
1/2 pineapple

1 slice of pakwan

Again, i stayed in the office until 10:30pm. 

When i arrive home, i can't help to dig in on my hubby's midnight snack -- i ate around 5 pcs of chicken balls. 

Midnight Snack:
5 pcs chicken balls.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 37 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 22, 2011 is the 37th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Tuesday.
"Over worked Tuesday"
I walked for 33 minutes from my house to the City. The first 11 minutes was with hubby.
Nothing unusual happened today, except that there were lots of work.
1 cup pansit bihon
2 slice of Monay bread

AM Snack:
1 slice papaya

It's good that i have all the food supplies that i need by my side table. Every monday, i bought wheat bread and tuna supply for the week. And as everyday routine, Manang magpruprutas already has my pineapple, papaya and pakwan sliced and ready when i pass by.

So my only standing break, away from my computer is "CR break".

1/2 pineapple
4 wheat crackers with tuna spread

PM Snack: 
1 Sky Flakes Fit - Flaxseed Crackers

Yesterday, i bought Sky Flakes Fit - Flaxseed Crackers, instead of my usual wheat bread brand. The grocery store has no new stock, so i have to look for alternative. 

I have the opportunity to compare 2 products (Rebisco Wheat Crackers and Sky Flakes Fit), to improve my diet.
My comments on the 2 products:
1. RWC has more 4 cracker contents compared to SFF. who has only 3 RWC has also bigger cracker size.
2. SFF has better taste than RWC. Before i tasted SFF, RWC's bland  taste is ok, but SFF taste is better.
3. SFF has 2 flavors, while RWC has only 1. SFF comes in Flaxseed crackers and Oat Fiber Crackers.
4. In terms of Calories contents, RCW has more calories than the SFF Flaxseed. So RCW gives you more energy.

1/2 Pineapple
Due to work over load, i pass on running after office. I went home 10pm and had only my 1/2 pineapple for dinner.

Day 33-35 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 18-20, 2011 is the 33rd to 35th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Friday to Saturday.

“A Rewarding Weekend”

Karl n Me
March 18, 2011, Friday.
My first son’s Pre-school Graduation Day.

I took again a leave at the office to celebrate my Karl’s Pre-School Graduation Day. He received an academic Excellence for their Level and as a mom, I am very proud of my son. I’ll be posting a separate blog for this occasion.

Friday Lunch
Senior Pedro Lechon Manok
As per Karl’s requests, we ordered Palabok, Goldilucks Puto and Lechon Manok to celebrate this day. Before we went home from the graduation venue, we bought his gift, party poppers and balloons for the celebration at home. Together with his lola, lolo, our angels and the Kids, we ate and enjoyed lunch.

Pansit ng Taga Malabon Palabok

Goldilucks Puto

1 plate of pansit palabok (Palabok, is obviously my fave!)
1 pc of lechon Manok
1 pc of Puto


Then in the afternoon, again, I ate palabok before hubby and I went to Fairview. We are scheduled for School hopping for Karl’s new school.

PM Snack:
2 platito servings of Pansit Palabok

While walking around our area, we came a cross a new bakery store name “Heavenly Baked”, so I went in and tried their corn muffin and a egg pie. Then hubby stopped on a sari-sari store and shared with me a refreshing Mountain Dew. I limited myself to up to 2 sips, before I forget that I’m on a diet. This is one activity hubby and I agreed to do, if we have an opportunity, we’ll try something new and we grade it. For the corn cup cake – 4, for the egg pie – 5. The mountain Dew – 10 – very refreshing!

PM Snack 2:
½ corn cup cake
½ egg pie
2 sip of Mountain dew

We were home before dinner. We had inihaw na tilapia and Singang na spare ribs, as again, requested by Karl.  To prepare for my 5K run tomorrow, I ate a decent dinner to prepare my nourishment for tomorrow.

1 cup sinigang na spare ribbs
½ grilled tilapia with ½ cup pipino and vinegar.

Finisher's Certificate
March 19, 2011, Saturday.

“Achieving my first ever 5K run.”

I woke up at 3:30 am and prepared for my first serious run today. I ate 1 slice of wheat bread with peanut butter filling and I glass of water before I left the house with hubby.

We arrived at The Fort by exactly 5am.

MEFP (Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines) held its first ever fun run for the ME community. It is open for all members of the family. A 1K run for 12 years old and below, a 2.5K and 5K run for the adults. My hubby and I joined the 5K run, which is twice the 2.5K loop.

At first, I was hesitant if I can finish the 5K, but I challenged myself and still go for it.

The 5K gun shot started at exactly 7:30am. On the starting lane, I was on the 2nd line. But when the race started, most of them run past me. But I was not pressured, I plan to conquer my 5k low and slow…

It is good that I started slow. I motivate and talked to myself while I was running. I tried to observe other runners and enjoy the view around The Fort area and have fun as well. When I got the red and green band, indicating I had 2 loops, I was tempted to rest, but I got hold of myself and continued to run. I run past some old buddies who did a walk/run routine, while I did my steady pace.

By my last 250 meters, I felt a little difficulty in breathing, so I brisk-walked for 2 minutes and tried to gauge if I’m still ok. Luckily, I came across the last water station and gobbled up on a glass of Pocari Sweat (Event Sponsor!) and when I am on the last curve of my last loop, I was feeling ok. So I continued my run up to the finish line.

After 41 minutes and 32 seconds, I was able to finish my first ever 5K. Hurraahhh! 

I have to thank this challenge for making me love running. If not for this challenge, I would not be able train for this run. 5 years ago, I was already running, but being married and having two kids and gaining my mommy weight, lessen my desire to run. Now, I realized that I still enjoyed it, and if I continue to train I would be able to join other runs such as this.

Running is a way of releasing the tension in your body. It’s a way of being fit and at the same time being sane. Hahaha.. I get to clear my mind while I jog. And be observant of the things around me. I tend to talk and push my self’s limit and motivate myself to conquer more and be better…

During this trying and stressful times, the best way to cope with problems and stress is to be physically and insanely fit. Most of the times, so many problems and stress gets the most of our sanity, thus we can’t think straight and more problem arise. Try jogging. Run your stress away. Running makes your heart pump more blood, more oxygen to your body, to your brain, thus makes you think straight and relaxed.

Ok, enough with relationship of sanity and jogging.

At around 8:30, hubby and I, headed home after the ceremonies. We took the bus ride from The Fort to Ayala MRT Station. Then from there, we bought 2 Jamaican Patties for our breakfast plus the bottle of Pocari Sweat we got from the run. 
Breakfast: 1 Jamaican Patty

I realized, I was now feeling the very tired from the running activity. I felt asleep during our MRT ride and woke up at MRT North Station already. So tired, that I continued my sleep after I ate the patties, during our FX ride home. I remember a story from a 21K jogger friend, that he can sleep the whole day after his run. I figured, what I’m experiencing is normal.

My brother, who was visiting from Laguna, cooked a special sweet and sour tilapia for our lunch. While my mother cooked ginataang suso’. The tilapia and the suso’ where from our province, Isabela. I planned to sleep before lunch time, but the smell of the food, made me awake the whole time. Never got to take pictures though. I also ate the left over from breakfast, buro with matching nilagang talbos ng kamote and fried talong, also from Isabela. I get to eat authentic Ilocano foods only when someone brought one from the province. Thanks to my mother!

½ cup rice
½ cup ginataang suso’
½ pc of Tilapia with S&S Sauce
4 pcs fried talong,
1 plate of nilagang talbos ng kamote
½ cup burong isda

1 plate of S&S sauce with carrots and bell pepper and pineapple bits.

The sweet and sour sauce lasted through dinner, so guess what my dinner was..hahaha… the left over S&S sauce, No rice! I ate it all up, when my hubby asked for it, there was nothing left for him… So he just ate up a whole water melon for dinner.

After dinner, I wanted to stay up and wait for the “Supermoon”, but my body was so tired and my legs ached already. So by 9pm, I was counting snooze already…

March 21, 2011, Sunday.

“Passing it Forward – My first charity work, ever.”

When I received an invitation from one of my girl friends that they are feeding cancer-stricken Kids at ChildHaus, a temporary shelter for poor sick kids, I never hesitated to join.

my boys posed with the donated toys
I thought, this is a good way of giving back for the blessing that I received for my 32 years of existence. And with help from friends, I gathered old toys and biscuits to give away for the kids. Thanks to Ate Glen and Miss Amee for the toys!!!

At around 11am, we arrived at the old QI compound in E.Rodriguez. The place was already deserted because the place, according to my friends, is being developed into a high-rise residential building. And at the back area, was a small building where Child Haus is situated and inside the building, the kids and parents are waiting for the program to start.

The program started with a song interpretation of some of the ChildHaus Kids of the song “I see you Lord”. I requested my friend Jen to take a video of the Kids, so that I could share it here (one of these days). I love the song! And seeing the kids singing this song, touched the very deep of me. Being an iyakin for even small things, I was teary-eyed. I tried to hide my tears by singing along with them, and observing on my other friends how they react too. Who would not be touched by these kids singing a song, so full of meaning...


As i took pictures of these kids, i am touched. I can never imagine the pain and challenges that they are going through, but i am hoping that even in this brief opportunity that we shared with them, they had forgotten the pain.

... and then came... our bestfriend, Jollibee to play with the kids, even the companions of these kids played with us. The toys were given as prizes and the what's left were given to those who were not able to join the games...

 .. then we served lunch. Chicken and spaghetti for all... Plus, gifts for the kids. We took also this time to play and talk to the kids and take pictures with them..

Before we left, the kids prepared 3 song number for all of us. They thanked us for the food and gifts, but deep in my heart, i thanked them. 1. Just by being with them made me realized how blessed i am, with a healthy whole and normal body, for me and for my family. 2. They inspired me to be strong even when times are tough 3. They inspired me to seek strength in prayer 4. And they made me feel how much fulfilling it is to give and serve others.


 When we left the compound, i uttered a short prayer for these kids. That they may not be shuttered by their illness,hence,make them strong. I also prayed that they may live longer and enjoy their life. I also prayed, that ChildHaus may stillcontinue their advocacy and helping these sick kids.

Being able to serve others is very fulfilling. I will definitely do this again...

After the charity work, my friends ate our late lunch at Shakey's. I gathered compliments from friends who were reading my blog and they told me i certainly lost weight. Which is good, but also, made me conscious to dive in on the Shakey's Monster Meals that we ordered...hahaha! 

Late Lunch:
1/2 cup Carbonara
1 pc chx breast
2 pc thin crust pizza
3 mojos
1 glass water

No dinner for me tonight!


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