Friday, March 11, 2011

My thoughts this March 11, 2011, 10:30pm.

I have a date with my family tomorrow, but was cancelled. We were supposed to be having a picnic at the park, because it’s my birthday on Sunday. I want it to be special. I have planned the list of the foods we will bring and the things we will pack for the trip.

But one person changed all that.

Because this person didn’t concentrate on what he has to do, left his work hanging while I’m waiting for him to finish. He wanted the day to end and go to a Friday night party and didn’t concentrate on the Job. He gave me his deliverables for me to check at exactly the same time all others are about to go home. And when I checked…. it was still not acceptable, for the nth time that I checked. 

And now, at 10:40pm, I’m stuck with this person, waiting for the job to be done, that was supposed to be finished a day before. But because, he went on an unofficial leave, he has to extend work and left us here on this situation.

Do I feel furious?  Yes!

He will never know how mὺch my boys cried whenever I go home late becaὺse I have to do my job of baby-sitting him. 

He never knew how mὺch I want to be with my family on a Friday night and enjoy dinner with them.

He never new how precioὺs my time with my family to me…  

Bὺt becaὺse I am a senior staff and I am a professional, I waited for him to finish. Jὺst to pressὺre him a bit.

This task has been bugging me for months. Making me think and analyze what I am doing wrong. My husband and friend-confidant have been bugged by me by this situation. Every weekend, I have this to think about and ponder on. I have become a “broken-record” among friends and family. 

And now…yet again… because of this insensitive person... This person who don’t value time… his time... Or of his colleagues... Again ruined a might have been good weekend for me... He didn’t even spare me on my birthday….

I’m writing this because I am the type of person that if I don’t let my feelings out, it will trouble me for days…Unfortunately, I am also a type of person that hates confrontation. So instead of telling this to his face, I choose to write and wait.

Wait until his done. Just to let him feel that this needs to be finished. If I have left hours ago, and left him alone, I know, he’ll just go. Just like what he did during the past 3 days.

I have said sorry to my husband and to myself. I will make this a better opportunity to my family. I will try to make it up. I still have this weekend to make it up.

It’s 11:30pm, almost midnight and we’re still in the office. 

We’ve been doing this for a week now, and still hasn’t been resolved. I got tired of testing the same item again and again.

So I give ὺp. In as mὺch as I want to stand gὺard of him and assὺre that he’ll deliver. Yet again, another day withoὺt oὺtpὺt.

This will certainly bὺg me this weekend. Bὺt what the heck! I prefer being at home bὺgged than in the office waiting for ὺncertainty.

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