Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 36 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 21, 2011 is the 36th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Monday.


After a very fruitful weekend, I was recharged!

Ophie and I took our weight, and again, my weight was retained. I should get back to my diet, if I want to lose significant amount of weight. By now, I should have lost 8-10 lbs already, but since first weigh in, I only lost 4lbs. From my initial weight of 64.6 kgs, I am still at 62.4 kgs. My weight played at an average of 64.6 for the last 3 weeks. No significant lost of weight, since Week 3! I only have 6 weeks more till the last weigh-in.

Reasons, I think, why I’m not losing significant weight:
1.  I splurge every weekend. During the start of the challenge, I still controlled myself to splurge during weekend meals, but lately, with so many “lakad”(ME weekend) and occasions ( My birthday, Karl’s graduation & My brother’s visit), I was not able to monitor and control my meals during weekend.

2.  No workout on weekends. For 2 weeks now, hubby and I, was not able to run on weekends.  Aside last weekend, of course. But with the Pulag climb coming soon, we need to get back into running every weekend. We’ll get back on track again this coming saturday. Promise!

3.  Lots of “fried” on my diet. For 2 weeks, I was not able to monitor my weekly menu. Lots of fried has been happening during breakfast. Starting this week, I will be incorporating vegetables again on my breakfast and will lessen fried foods.

4.  Lessen amount of vegetables in my diet from the last 2 weeks. Due to my craving for meat from the past week, I have lessen my intake of fiber thru my vegetable diet. Good that I still have manang Fruit vendor need the office to supply me with fresh fruits everyday. Again, need to eat lots of vegetables.

5.  I still eat dinner but without rice. Because of our after-office workout, when I arrived at home, I’m starving. So I am easily tempted to eat whatever’s left for dinner. Especially, when hubby arrives home and eat with me. So starting tonight, I’ll have my fridge filled with apples and fruits that I could nibble on instead of dinner. I’ll just have to reserve dinner for breakfast.

6.  No workout in the morning. Lately, even if its summer time already, the weather in the morning is so cold. Making it difficult for me to wake up and workout. But starting today, I started my walking routine from the house to the city. It is a 33-minute walk, so it is good enough for morning exercise. I’ll do this till the challenge end and hopefully will gain from it.

½ rice
1 pc native longanisa

AM Snack:
1 slice of papaya

½ pineapple
1 slice of watermelon

PM Snack:
2 wheat crackers
1 cup of coffee

By 3pm, I was feeling hungry. I don’t have any food supply at the moment, so my coffee was a donation from Ate glen and the 2 wheat crackers were from Myla. Thanks to my miryenda sponsors. I Need to eat something for my jog later.

½ cup ginataang kalabasa

I ate the ginataang kalabasa already when I realized that I wasn’t supposed to eat dinner. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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