Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 17 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 2, 2001 is the 10th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Wednesday.

“Hip-Hop Abs Day Today Due to the Rains”

Thanks to my baby Kent’s early morning ritual I was able to wake up at around 6am and do some sets of resistance exercises using my 2lbs dumbbells. Unfortunately, I was not able to record my workout, Though it was a good 20 minute workout.


½ rice
1 cup Adobong kangkong with Tahong bits
1 pc fried chicken breast

One of my officemate would not be able to run with us tonight so she decided to setup a lunch hip-hop abs workout. I excitedly joined them, just to add to my cardio workout quota for the day, and for those chicken wings that I gobbled last night.

I was not able to eat my morning snack, due to work, so during the work-out I was starving.. I remember I read something about not eating before each workout, so your body will get the energy it needs from your stored body fats, especially in the morning. So after the 30 minute work-out, I was starving…

So after a 10 minute rest, I ate my lunch for the remaining 10 minutes of my lunch break. Yeah! that's me eating my lunch....Ayaw ko'ng pahalatang gutom ako...

My fruits supply, c/o Manang fruit vendor
Lunch :
2 pc tuna sandwich with lots of lettuce (thanks to leah, pasalubong from Baguio)
1 slice of papaya

PM Snack:
½ pineapple
2 pc tuna sandwich

Because it rained, we never got to jog. Instead we decided to do hip-hop abs again. This time the work-out we choose is for the hips, thighs and bun, as said on the video. After 30 minutes of the workout, we were exausted. Then we did a 10 minute yoga, also from the same cd.

Wheew! that was a nice workout. I have never sweat that much, even after my 20-minute jog. Will definitely do it again....

1 serving of Chopsuey

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