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Day 40-41 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 25-26, 2011 is the 40th to 41st day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Friday and Saturday.




 As i have mentioned on my previous post, i will be attending a leadership seminar for 2 days.... In our company, attending seminars like these are one way of "de-stressing". First, you dont have to think of work for 2 days, unless of course for urgent calls. Second, Trainees are treated to sumptuous array of food. And third, your working mind gets to rest for 2 days... and get's to absorb new knowledge...


As i undergo the 2-day training, i have made a number of realizations.. i have also met new acquaintances and i hope, i didn't gain weight..hahaha...


Breakfast: 3tbsp ginisang ampalaya, 4 pcs tocino, 2 tbsp rice, 1 egg (sunny side up), 2 tbsp achara

 My mom cooked ginisang ampalaya for breakfast, with Kikiam as sahog. So as not to offend her of leaving the house without eating, i just ate 3 tbsp of the ginisang ampalaya and then head off to the training center..



Before the training started, they served us Tosilog. I gave 90% of my rice to Ruth and enjoyed my tosilog with 2 tbsp of Atchara. 


Then the training started...


The training's goal was to develop us into worthy leaders. And to be worthy, we should "Walk the Talk".. We should be like the "Eye of the Storm", wherein, we should always practice "Grace under pressure".. 


To be able to do this, we should analyze first old habits and develop new ones.


In the beginning, we were asked of our existing habits. I have listed down mine:


1. eating breakfast  2. Feeling inferior 3. Being "masungit" 4. Observer 5. Exercising 6. Planning ahead 7. Documenting anything/everything 


As i list my habits, good and bad, and as the training went on, i had a few realizations, that i wrote:


1. Have to develop new habits ( saving habits, healthy living, earth friendly living)


2. Have to erradicate bad habits ( being masungit and mayabang, which is the mask i use, to able to cover my inferior feelings)


3. To continue on my good old habits ( exercise/healthy living, not only during the challenge )


4. I have to start saving for my retirement and for my kid's schooling.


5. Keep promises to myself.


6. I have to do concrete act of kindness.


7. Be gentle with myself. (I should start rewarding myself)


8. I have to renew myslef. ( Still trying to convince myself for a makeover)


9. I should improve and develop my talent. (Blogging, Photography. Thanks to Tin Fe for making me realized, that im good at Photography. I'm still in the process of convicing myself that.)


When lunch was served, it was good, that i'm with Leah (teammate). We get to audit each other on our meals.



2 inihaw na tilapia, 2 nilagang talong, 1 cup of manggang hilaw with pork bits and bagoong alamang. with 2 tbsp achara.



Leah and I were the last one on the dining table. Dessert was mixed fruits. So when all of the participants were done with lunch, but with 4 more desserts on the table, we ate them all... 


After lunch, came some more realizations.... 


I could never forget the part where we were asked to introduce ourselves, by completing the phrase "I am a ____". So i wrote down, what i think of myself.. so as not to forget..


I am a firm believer that i can be happy even with the simple things in life.


I am a realistic and open minded person.


I am beautiful, in and out. (I was not able to say this line out loud. I might be thrown outside the training room. hahaha...)


After i told this to the group, except the 3rd part, i felt good about myself. Our trainor suggest we start complimenting ourselves, to make us feel better about ourselves everytime.


PM Snack: Lettuce & Pipino with 5 slices of ham, mayo and mustard, with 1 glass of strabberry juice.


The snack was supposed to be a sandwich, but leah and I made it into a salad instead. To omit on the carbo intake.


On the latter part of the day, we were asked to composed our Personal Mission Vission. Due to limited time, i was able to make a draft instead...I plan to make a separate post for this, if i have time..


My Personal Mission Vision 


1. Simple Life. ( Since i dont have all that i want in life, i set my mind to be happy even with the things that i have. Thanks to Bro Bo, who made me realized this 5 years ago... by Reading his book "Simplify")


2. Balance life for Abundance. (For me to achieve abundance in life, i have to give equal opportunity for the different aspects of my life (self,work,family,friends,romance,rest, recreation, health, faith, wealth)).


3. What comes around, goes around. (I have no concrete list of things i want to do, but i always keep in mind the rule of the universe in everything that i do..)


Day 2.


Breakfast: 2 puto, beef mami. Plus extra sabaw.


Lunch: 3 pcs of lupiang ubod (fried), 1 cup calderata beef, 2 glasses of ice tea. 1 cup sinigang na bangus.

After eating 1 cup of calderata for lunch, our trainer shared that the RDA for meat should be the size of a matchbox only. Felt guilty after hearing this...


PM Snack: 2 saging, 3 tbsp pansit, 1 buttered bread. 

As i undergo 2nd day of the training, i have a few realizations yet. 

Time Management. As i listed my activities from the past week, most of it belongs to the "Important but not Urgent", which is good. This means, i'm investing my time for preparing, planning and preventions. However, there are still times that i spent on unimportant and not urgent activites which took up valuable time like facebooking and gossiping. I got a plan on composing a post about the effects of facebooking to me, one of these days.


So because of this realization, i'll save my Sunday afternoon (or Night) for my "Planning" for the coming week.


I'll also limit my blogging to 1-2 hours a day, just to keep my sanity and not took up much of my time. 


As for my "facebooking" and "movie marathons" , i'll try to limit it so as not to affect my sleeping time and health, most especially.


Nothing much to say on the details of the 2nd day of training, but after the training, i'm sure, i am a different person after.


Thanks to the trainers who impart their knowledge to the participants, and to the food that they fed us, of course.


After the training, i went straight home and prepared for my jog at the fort later. But after waiting for 30 minutes for Nong, hubby and I decided to cancel the jog and just walk all the way home. But before we started our walking marathon, we ate dinner at Hocha. Even if weren't able to jog at the fort, the night turned into a date night. Hubby and I were able to talk about our family's summer plan.


My unplanned date night


Dinner: 1 siopao, 1 cup of beef soup.


Since its our fist time to eat at Hocha, we graded the Beef Mami to 8.5 while the siopao is 7. The siopao has less filling, but The beef mami has a unusual curry taste, but still good. 


Home by 8:30. We slept early because we turned the lights off for Mother Earth...



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