Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 26-28 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 11-13, 2011 is the 26th to 28th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Friday to Sunday.

“Birthday Weekend”

Friday, March 11, 2011.

½ cup rice
5 pcs of Cream Dory Fillet (fried)
with mayo and catsup dip
1 slice of egg omelet
1 cup of coffee (Cofee day!)

Since it’s a Friday, my team went to the warehouse and record our current weights. Last week my weight was 62.8 kgs, today I weighed 62.7 kgs. Not much weight was lost and with the coming birthday weekend, I’m afraid I might add some weight.

The day went by with my usual tuna wheat cracker sandwich. All day, all I could think of was my planned family picnic for tomorrow, as my pre-birthday treat for myself and my family. But, when the last stretch of work hours went on, I had to cancel my picnic plan coz I can’t prepare for it, because I have to stay at the office for work. Read my previous blog http://momyjorayma.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-thoughts-this-march-11-2011-1030pm.html for my thoughts that night.

Plus, because of the tsunami scare in Japan and in the Philippines, I was scared to get out of the house.

While at the office, I just ate my remaining fruits and crackers supply.

Saturday, March 12, 2011.

As I wrote on my previous entry, I was planning for a picnic treat for my family, but because I have to work late unexpectedly yesterday, I have to cancel the plan.

½ cup rice
3 pcs embotido
3 slices of Budin

But, I still manage to treat the boys to a mall tour with their lola. Momy Laguna ( Lola Lyn/Mel’s Mom) visited us yesterday and decided to stay for the night.

Before we left, lola Laguna cooked a very special dinuguan using Pork Kasim and lots of fresh Labong (Bamboo shoots) from Lopez, Quezon. It was delish, especially with rice. I almost ate a bowl just for myself.

½ cup rice
1 bowl of pork dinuguang  and bamboo shoots
2 slices of budin (cassava cake, also from Quezon)

While in Trinoma, I craved for a Yogurt. So while my boys ate at McDonalds, I looked for Red Mango. The first time I tasted their yogurt was when Minda, a HCA95 batchmate, treated me to one, back in April of 2010. So it’s the only yogurt place I know.

When I checked on the price, it was P80 for 1 cup of plain yogurt. I was planning to buy 1 for Mel, 1 for me and one for Momy Lyn, but the frugality in me striked again, so I ordered for 1 plain and one tropical mix (P125). Wow! I spent P200 for 2 cups of yogurt. Too pricey for me, but it’s my birthday weekend and I like to try it, so I allowed to splurged a little.

The boys played a little while at the Trinoma playground area, ground floor. We were supposed to use my All-day pass voucher at Kids Village at the SM Annex, but we arrived late, so I’ll use it some other time.

While the boys play, me and Momy Lyn talked and catched up on life.  This is one blessing I really really thank the Lord for giving me. A very supportive MIL. Momy lyn opens up on her ordeals on life, not that major but the thought and effort that she talks and shares to me her insights on things is good enough for me. It is very helpful for me because I get to share also my frustrations and other stuff to her, without me worrying to be judged.  

We were home by 6pm. Had a great dinner with the family and we invited Glen over. Who shared her Oriental chicken with us. I might try this recipe next time. Dinner was the Pork Dinuguan, Paco Salad, Sauted Pork with Paco, but I only ate the Paco Salad.

3 servings of Paco Salad with tuna and salted egg bits.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It’s my birthday!!! Yey! I have the right to eat what I want today, as for my own birthday rule.

Happy 18th bday to me!
I cooked tuna spaghetti using the Del Monte Filipino Style tomato sauce for breakfast. I used tuna so that I won’t be that guilty for eating. I also ate 1 slice of the ube-macapuno cake that we bought for ate Joan. One of my angel is also celebrating her birthday, 18th birthday. Note to myself: got to borrow those candles for my ME birthday celebration later..hahaha!

1 plate of tuna spaghetti
1 slice of ube-macapuno cake
1 pc pandesal
1 egg (sunny-side-up)

We went to church at 9:30AM to give thanks for the wonderful year full of blessings and for the coming years of my life.

My ME Family - The Gentlemen
After church, we went to our ME thanksgiving party at the Carlos’ residence in Marikina.

When we arrived, they were eating lunch already. So, having no lunch yet, we dived in.  On the buffet table was pata tim, sinigang na spare ribs, bicol express, meaty laing, ginataang langka, buttered shimps , fried Tilapia, fruit salad, a home-made crema de fruta and 3 kinds of Cake with overflowing beer and soda…Thank God for the food on the table!
My ME Family - The ladies

So I took a little of everything and no rice.  While my 2 boys enjoyed the sinigang with overflowing sabaw on their plate.

2 pcs pata tim
2 tbsp bicol express
10 pcs shrimps
1 cup ginataang laing/langka

But at 3pm, after the blowing of the cakes and singing of happy birthday to all celebrants, including me, I gave in. I tried all the 3 cakes. One was a mocha cake from Max’s, a dulce de leche cake from Red Ribbon and a Caramel cake c/o Sis Suzette. Of all the three, I most like the Dulce de Leche cake from Red Ribbon. My Kent liked it too.. and the indulgence didn’t stop there… I think I drank 2 glasses of soda…

And before we left at around 6pm, I ate again. Together with the 2 boys. They re-heat the sinigang and rice and my boys enjoyed again their fave “sinigam” as my Karl called it.

We took the LRT2 train, and my boys enjoyed the ride. I hope there would be one in Novaliches area for ease of transportation. I support travelling by public transportation because it’s one way of saving mother earth. Home before 8pm.

All in all, my birthday was good. All is good. I have my family, a happy family. Good friends. Plenty of blessings. I believe, God is looking down upon me and is proud of His child. My life is not perfect, I don’t have all I want in life, but I HAVE ALL THAT I NEED WITH ME to be happy… and that all that matters.

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