Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 14 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

"Pansit Day!"

February 27, 2011 is the 14th day of the Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Sὺnday.

I woke up late today. And so was my 3 boys. It was already 7am when we woke vp. God is really good. He made the weather great and gave us more time to sleep just when we need it most.  I had a good sleep, maybe because of the massage i had last night.
And because i woke ὺp late, i was not able to work oὺt.
While i prepare for church, my husband cooked pansit bihon for breakfast. Since it was the favourite of my kids, it was not hard to make them eat breakfast before going to church..they even pose for the camera while eating their fave.

I was originally planning to cook Pansit Palabok, but it was too late for that recipe. 

1 serving of Lὺmpiang ὺbod
As i’ve told in my Day 12 post, there were still plenty of lὺmpiang ὺbod, so i ate some of the left over as my breakfast. But i also tasted around 2 tbsp of pansit, just to taste my husband’s recipe.

Since we attended the 9:30 am church schedule, it was lὺnch time when we got home. No time to cook, so the leftover Pansit Bihon was oὺr lὺnch.
1 small plate of Pansit Bihon.
We went to oὺr ME recollection later the afternoon. And again, i was tempted by so many food.
For my PM snack, i ate:
2 slices of home made pork embotido
½ tὺna pasta
5 pcs pὺto calatiao
3 pcs chicharon
½ cὺp Royal trὺ orange
To sὺrvive in gatherings like these, i have to change my eating habits. Since i know that temptation is always there, i learned to taste each food one piece at a time. By these, i’m not depriving my self of the foods that i like, bὺt in small proportions. And i always talk to myself, and tell my self, “its enoὺgh!”

I never ate dinner. I think my PM snack woὺld sὺffice ὺntil after oὺr weigh-in tomorrow. I jὺst hope the weigh-in is in the morning. I plan not to eat ὺntil the weigh-in. I hope..I hope...i woὺld make it...

Good lὺck to oὺr 2nd weigh in tomorrow. It’s oὺr deciding moment, if all or diet plans and work-out were worth it. Still aiming for the win... Go! Go! Team Mission Slimpossible!!!!

Im adding and entry for Dinner: 1 mὺg of milk. I almost forgot, after 2 blogs posted.

Day 11 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2


February 24, 2001 is the 11th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Wednesday.

On the 11th day of my challenge, I decided to give a title for each day to make my blog more exciting. I’m also motivated with my blog because my blog hits increased since I started my journey. Thanks to all who took time to read.

I have also got comments that they were inspired by my blog and are also starting their own journey with me. For that, thank you.. thank you… for giving me inspiration to continue and to be a better me.

Today’s title is “GAS-GAS”, as in, bruised . That’s what my tongue felt after eating ½ of a medium sized pineapple for lunch… Don’t get me wrong.. the pineapple was delish, healthy and effective, because I can’t eat anything after that because my tongue was so sore.

I wasn’t able to work-out in the morning because of the cold morning air. I can’t pull myself out of my bed, besides, I’ll just maximize my workout later after office.

Breakfast was:
1 cup lomi
1 pc of Papaya

AM Breakfast:
2 pcs senorita banana

½ medium pineapple

PM Snack:
2 tuna wheat bread sandwich
2 banana

It’s good that I ate bread before I played badminton. We started our badminton game at around 7pm and finished by 9pm.

I’m not that good in badminton but I played well and sweat more and had a really good time with my colleagues. I also was able to do 100 jumping rope while I took a rest from playing.

By 9pm, we were on our way home. Karl was till awake when I arrived and we shared the apple that I had for dinner. I was not planning to eat dinner, but I guess the game made me hungry and I ate the 1/3 bangus they left for my dinner.

1 Apple
1/3 bangus ( inihaw )

Day 13 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

"Fiesta Day Today!"

February 26, 2011 is the 13th day of the Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Saturday.

Its jogging day. My hubby and i agreet to get up early so we could leave the house early and jog withovt the kids. By this, we could cover more distance and workout more.
But at 6 o'clock am, both my little boys are awake already. But Karl told me, that it’s ok to jog without them..Hmmm, my kids are beginning to understand that mommy and daddy needs to exercise and spend time alone together... 

My husband and I talked about so many things  while doing or 30-minute walk to the park. Then jogged for 30 minutes.

By the time we got back home, the boys had their morning shower already and were all giddy and excited. I volunteered to take them to the grocery, while my husband repaired the washing machine. While my angels do their weekly “pelengke” trip. I thought, the trip to the grocery would be a good workout and bonding with the Kids.

Took a quick breakfast, before the Grocery date with my boys...

2 toasted wheat bread
2 pcs of chicken embotido
1 egg (fried – sunny side up)

We we’re back by 11am. I bought Senior Pedro’s lenchon manok for lunch and sauted 4 pcs of eggplant as side dish. My boys were starving and was eating the chicken while we’re preparing the table. But i still manage to take some pictures, before we devour on the food.

½ cup rice
1 pc Chicken (Lechon)
1 cup eggplant (sauted with pork)

I’m always looking forward for or weekend meal,  Because our family always enjoyed eating together. Even if the table is a mess (you know how messy kids eat) but its all worth it.

 During weekends, we use our veranda as our dining area. It is our time to enjoy the cool breeze of fresh air from the trees that surrounds the house and the natural light from the day sun. Also, its our time to mingle with the neighbours especially with our long time neighbourhood friend ninang/tita Glen.

My kids enjoyed inviting her over for lunch, breakfast or even dinner. My boys likes to tell her story about their day or the week that was. And tita Glen knows how to appreciate the kids...

Also, what i love about weekends, are the Saturday naps. After lunch and a few hours of chikkahan and kulitan with the kids, we prepare for our afternoon naps. This is the time i get to enjoy taking naps and reading stories for my two boys.  If others opt to go the mall on Saturdays, i prefer being at home with my family, playing hide and seek under the sheets and pillows or story telling with the kids... 

Then at 5pm, i started preparing Dinner. I plan to cook fresh lumpia for dinner. And so i instrvcted my angels to chop Singkamas, onion, garlic, carrots, beans, cabbage. With ¼ giniling and ¼ shrimp. I prepared my lumpia. By 7pm, we enjoyed dinner. I still have enovgh lumpia to share with my officemates. I have to thank my team mate Ophie for svggesting the recipe. Good that there is available ubod in the market.

I still have to perfect the sauce and the wrapper, but nevertheless, my family enjoyed it. 

1 serving of lumpiang ubod

Before going to sleep, my reward for cooking for my family was a back massage, courtesy of my husband. I still am suffering from my back ache. After the massage, i was able to slumber to sleep easily.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Proud Mommy

February 23, 2011

I took a leave from work today because it was Karl’s 1st ever Talent Day at school. I was looking forward to this day from the time their teacher announced that there is going to be one.

Before this day, I was always asking Karl on what will they be performing today, but he keeps on telling me “Secret!”. So I prepared myself to be amazed and surprised. But what I saw touched me.

It was a mother’s fulfillment seeing my child able to perform and was proud doing it. My Karl has evolved from a mischievous toddler to a well-behaved and proud boy.

Early that day, we prepared for the event. We all wanted to watch kuya karl’s performance. So my two boys took their bath and I prepared “porma” clothes for them to wear. While I prepare, my Kids ate their breakfast. First rule of the day was to have a full stomach, so that Karl will be in a good mood during his performance and not pull into tantrums. In one of his past school programs, karl did not participate because he didn’t eat breakfast and was hungry during the program.

Before we left the house, my boys posed for some pictures. Haayyy.. time really flies. It was like moments ago that I was cradling them in my arms, and now they’re running around like no care in the world.

After the morning prayer, the
kids started the program with interpretative song number.

Then Teacher Sharon introduce each of them while they modeled their casual clothes. Each kid recited their favorite verses. Karl’s was:
“In everything, give thanks, for this is the will of God for you”.

When it was time for their individual talent.. I prepared myself…

Karl was the first one to play the piano…he played “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. While he was playing, I can’t explain what I’m feeling. I can see in his eyes that he liked playing the piano and he’s proud and enjoyed his performance. As for me, my heart was pumping so hard, teary-eyed and of course very proud of my son. I tried to hide my eyes with my camera, and after his performance I hugged him and I could never be so happy.

The program ended with another song number from all the kids. And of course my son did well..

The program was a surprise to all the parents. I’m sure like me, they were touched by their kid’s performances. I’m thankful to teacher Sharon DeTorre for devotedly teaching the kids and for making this event happen. These are some of the few experiences that parents can see and appreciate the outcome of our sacrifices for our Kids.

As for my Karl, I’ve seen his enthusiasm in playing the piano and I am determined to enroll him to develop him further. Calling all piano teachers in Novaliches Area!!!

As for my bunso, Kenneth.. I think I’ll enroll him in drumming lesson. During the program, I can see him playing with the drums from the side-stage..

I treated the kids to lunch at Jollibee SM Nova afterwards.

This was another milestone for my Karl.. and a reward and motivation for me. I am also thankful to my Creator, who have blessed me with such wonderful kids….

Life is really good.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 10 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 23, 2001 is the 10th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Wednesday.

I was on leave for half day at the office. Today is my Karl's Talent Day at school. I'll be posting a blog for this soon..

I wasn't able to work out this morning because my neck and back hurt so badly, possible cause was my wrong sleeping position. I decided to snuggle more in bed and played with my boys instead. I think i deserve this reward since my body was at full work out yesterday. Anyways, we'll still jog tonight. So i'll take this opportunity to rest for a little while longer.

1/2 cup rice
1 cup Ginataang Kamansi(Langka)
1 egg (fried - sunny side up)

AM Snack: (Jollibee)
3 pcs french fries
1 cup pineapple juice
1/3 chicken breast (without the skin)

After my son's school program, they asked for a Jollibee reward. So i treated them at Jollibee SM nova. We ordered Chicken, Spaghetti, French fries and pineapple juice. I munch on their leftover chicken and fries.

3/4 Pesang tilapia with pechay leaves and sabaw. Left-over from breakfast.

PM Snack:
1/4 cup coffee (courtesy of Fed)
1 pc wheat bread

My back still ached, but I still reported to the office. However, my mind is not at work. I was still reminiscing my last night experience and still my back ache is worsening. With 30 minutes till my next work-out, I’m not looking forward.... But i have to do it...

At exactly 6pm we were heading toward SB road, our usual jogging place. After 10 minute walk and 5 minute stretching, I jogged again.

I was surprised at my performance today, even with my back ache, I was able to straight-jog around the same area 3 times, that lasted for 30 minutes and 40 seconds. My pedometer read 2954 steps! 

I was so proud of myself. I know I can still do more, but I don’t want to push it. 

By this time, I can feel that my team is feeling the tiredness from the 3-day straight work-out that we did. Coz on our way back to the office, we talked about scenarios if we experienced fatigue or accidents from over-worked-out. I hope and pray that it won’t happen.  Just one more day and it will be rest day….

Tomorrow is badminton day. Something I haven’t done in a long time, something exciting.

I still stayed in the office and munch on 2 wheat breads. There goes my dinner.

2 Wheat bread and water.

Day 9 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 22, 2001 is the 9th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Tuesday.

Woke up at 6:15am, my mother-in-law called so i only have 15 minutes to work out. I manage to do 500 jumping rope reps.

Like yesterday, i packed my breakfast and eat it at my table.

1/2 cup rice
1 cup adobong kangkong with pork bits
1 slice of egg-potato omelet
2 senorita banana 

At lunch, me and my teammates did a 29-minute hiphop abs workout. We we're sweating after that, but feels good.

After workout lunch:
2 tuna sandwich
2 senorita banana
As of today, i feel good about my body. I still ache after each work-out but not like the first few days when i started my routine.

Also, i get to enjoy workouts because anything thats not work is good. hehehe... In these days that work is so hectic, i learn to appreciate every little time that i dont have to work, with friends or with family.

By 3:39 today, i feel sleepy. My body wants to lay down and slumber to sleep.

What better way to beat sleepiness at work is coffee. But unfortunately for me, coffee contains sugar, and my body doesn't need sugar right now.

ooohhh i really miss coffee..but my friday coffee day is so far away from today...

So i'll just munch on my ripe papaya to keep me awake.

PM Snack:
1 slice papaya
1 tuna sandwich

While working, me and my mountaineer friend, Nong, had a little chat. She invited me to join her to jog at The Fort in taguig. And without hesistation, i agreed. I also invited Fed and Leah to join me.

We were excited for the run, since this will be our first time to explore the place. Plus, im also excited to see an old friend again, after several years.

We left office at 6pm and arrived at Boni High Street at 45mins past 7pm. At 8pm we were doing our stretching and headed off to jog.

The place was haven for joggers. Most of the joggers were yuppies.. As per my friend Nong, the jogging area was 1.2Km in distance. The area was also marked by ropes attached to those orange traffic cones (those colored orange thingie that are shaped like cones), so that the joggers have their own lane and the motorist are curteous enough to slow down whenever joggers cross intersections.

I walk-jogged for 45 minutes. I didn't realize that it's been that long because aside from running and walking, i busied myself in window shopping and observing the people around me.

First place that caught my attention was the building of R.O.X.. (See left picture ) This was also haven for sports enthusiast. They have all kinds of commodities for sale for all sports (climbing, bike, swimming) name it, they got it. I got to go inside the place, but not that long because shopping was not my main purpose there.. Also, i have to stop myself from staying longer coz i might lose myself control and buy something...

2nd... all joggers are beautiful people. This makes me one of them...hehehe..Boni High Street is the place to strut your sporty bod and your matching hi-tech running gadget. Almost all of the joggers have those thingie attached to their arms and are on earphones.

Leah and i joked one time that we could also wear those shorty shorts and sporty singlet while running...without our mommy love handles...hahaha.. one of these days...

All in all .... the jog was successful.. as per my pedometer, my record was 5771 steps, naks! yesterday.. my record was 2492 steps. I jogged for 45 minutes, enjoyed the view and the company.

After 45 minutes we rested on one side of the park, there was free wifi, so we were able to post our location on facebook ( and brag a little!). Plus, appreciate the place. For a converted-shopaholic like me, this place is like temptation island. Everywhere were different botiques from books to apparel to sports apparel and equipments . There were also several restos that were packed with people.

A really really nice place...

Im sorry that my blog centered on my new discovered jogging place -- Boni High Street. Okay, so back to my challenge.... I promise to blog this place seperately sometime in the future.

Leah and me agreed to make this routine every week. Thanks to Nong, who also wanted company, who agreed to car pool with us every tuesday. So.. its not yet my last jog at the fort. I will sure to return...

So, back to my challenge. Today is a good day.   In summary, i was able to work-out for 29 minutes during lunch and jog for 45 minutes at the Fort. Nice! Nice! If i keep this up, i'll be wearing those shorty shorts in no time.

When my hubby and i got home from the Fort by past 10pm, my stomach was grumbling.. and my reward for working out -- Neste Fruit Yogart and Jelly in strawberry flavor. Delish!

1 pc senorita banana
1/2 papaya
1 Nestle Fruit Yogart and Jelly - Strawberry Flavor

I retired in bed by 11pm. Tommorrow is another day! Thanks for reading...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 8 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 21, 2001 is the 8th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Monday.

Because i was so guilty that i over-eat yesterday, i was determined to wake up early and work out.

So at 6:00am, i was doing my stretching, resistance and jumping rope exercises. I still cant beat my outstanding record of 1200, because at 400 my son Kenneth woke up and started to make lambing and wanted to play with me and Kuya Karl... So to continue my workout, i played sprint with them inside
the garage. I plan to take pictures of my early morning workout and post it here soon.,

Note to self: I have to wake up earlier than 6am, so that i could extend my workout time, and do more repetitions. And at the same time, i could still play with may boys when they woke up, before i prepare for office.

At the office, we went to the warehouse again to weigh-in. And i'm glad that my current weight is now........ 63.6kgs or 140.238lbs... i lost 1.323lbs  from last friday...

All in all.. i lost 2.205 lbs... or 1 Kilo... 9 kgs more to lose! If i could keep this up, i could lose 10 kgs in 10 weeks... I hope!

I ate my breakfast past 8am, so by lunch, im not starving. I just ate half of a small pineapple. I set aside the other half for my other better half (Sweeeeeet!) Did i mention, he's also on diet? hahaha....

1/2 cup rice
1 serving of ginisang togue with tokwa
2 senorita banana

Lunch: 1 slice of pineapple
2 pcs senorita banana

I have proven last time, that to be successful in any diet endeavor, Your immediate family will be your No. 1 supporter. So before i started this challenge, i talked to them and explain that when i go on this diet, the
whole household should be too.. Except the kids, ofcourse.

And i'm glad that they understand and they support me all the way....Even my kids, whose with my during my workouts.

PM Snack:
2 pieces of Rebisco Wheat Crackers
1 pc of wheat bread with tuna spread
2 pcs of seniority banana
2 pcs of Sylvanas from Fed  (Yeah! it was a pasalubong from Fed, from Nueva Ecija, cant resist because these delicacy was to die for... I swear, i'll buy one of those after these challenge, but only after i reached my desired weight...)

I also need to up my workout because of the sugar contents of those Sylvanas!

So,  after office,  i jogged with my work colleague and fellow mountaineer friend, Fed. My girl team mates decided to do a hip-hop abs workout instead. I jogged for 20 minutes and walked 10 minutes back to the office.

By the time i get back from jogging, i was exausted and hungry. Maybe because i skipped my lunch. So i ate the handful of peanuts that i have in my bag, leftover from our trip from the mall last saturday.

Lessons learned: Never to skip lunch.

I walked for 15  minutes from the hiway to the house, and when i got home, i did some cool down routines, plus 50 situps and pushup combinations.

After workout, before i hit the shower, i ate my dinner.

2 pcs of buntot ng bangus (with black beans)
1 mug of Anlene milk

I survived my 8th day... more to go....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 5 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 18, 2011 is the 5th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

2 tbsp adobong puso ng saging
1/2 cup pansit
1/2 egg (boiled)

Half of the egg was shared with my bunsong makulit..

at 8:30 today, my team went to the warehouse and weighed in again.

I was frustrated when i knew that i gained .25 lbs. From 141.316 lbs, i am now
141.561 lbs.

But when i checked again, 141.316 was not my latest weight, that was 3 days
before Day 0. As i recorded, at Day 1 i weighed 142.443 lbs or 64.6 kgs and
today i weighed 141.651 or 64.2 kgs... So in total, i lost .89 lbs or .4 kgs....

Come to think of it, for a 4 day diet and work-out, its far from what i need to
accomplish, but its a start. It's a sign that i'm losing. I just have to improve
and do more next time.

1/2 egg (boiled)
2 slices of tuna wheat bread sandwich
1/2 cup coffee (1 tsp coffee, 1 tsp sugar, 1 1/2 tsp creamer) -- I was craving for coffee since Wednesday, so i made one today. But after finishing half of the cup, im satisfied.

Today is rest day from work out. From my reading, i learned that you need to rest your body so your body will regenerate and recover from the pain of work out. As for our team, we still are on a diet. And come tomorrow, early jog with my family and menu planning for the coming week.

Dinner was 2 cups of ginisang monggo and 1 mug of Anlene before sleep.

Because we have no after office workout, i was able to get home before 7pm and enjoy dinner with my family.  I realized how much i miss rice because ginisang monggo is best eaten with rice, but being with my family at dinner is enough to fill me in.

Day 7 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 20, 2001 is the 7th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

My family had to go to church today, so no time for early morning workout.... Because of my late night to early morning blogging, i wasn't able to wake up early for my work out. But i still manage to do 400 jumping ropes before i hit the shower...

3 pcs pandesal
1 egg (fried - sunny side up)

AM Snack : 1/2 cob of sweet yellow corn ( boiled)

1/2 rice
2 servings of pakbet

In the afternoon, my hubby, Karl and I went to our ME gathering. I set my mind that i would not eat because our ME gatherings are known to have lots of food offered during the gathering because of the pot-luck style.

When we arrived at the house of one of our members, they were serving chicken tinola, rice, lechon manok and sodas. But i refuse. It was good that we left the house after lunch and it was easy for me to refuse the food.

Then one of my colleages brought  pansit and puto sa bilao. This time, i cant resist... I ate 1 pc of puto and drink lots of water.

Then our group practice our songs for the ME weekend..

Then one colleagues brought Special pansit palabok. Hmmm my favorite.... At first, i tried to ignore, but i really cant resist. Its the type of palabok with anything on it... Yummy! So i ate 2 sandoks of the palabok, and i cant resist sipping on my son's soda with it. Guilty but promised not to eat dinner for that.

Then another colleague arrived. With 2 plates of assorted maki and sashimi! OMG!!! I haven't eat sashimi and maki for a long time, so i grabbed the opportunity and put 5 assorted maki on my plate and dig in....
It's good that the soda run out because i would have drink again...

So for PM Snack, i ate:
1/2 cup palabok
1 pc puto with cheese on top
2 pcs chicharon with vinegar
5 pcs assorted maki
1 bite of brownie
1/2 cup coke

Dinner: None.

So thats how my weekend went.  I was short of workout and i over-eat, resulting to me skipping dinner. Overall -- not good!

First -- i should have let my self have enough sleep, so i could still have energy to wake up early and perform my work out.

2nd -- i should have controlled my self, whenever i see my fave foods, and not give in that easily.

3rd -- i should not skip meal.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 6 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 19, 2011 is the 6th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Saturday.

Early morning jogging with hubby and kids.

We  walk 20 minutes to the park, brought the jumping rope with us as requested by Karl and i was able to do 3 rounds of 8-minute jog, with 5 minutes interval, because we have to alternate guard the kids while me and hubby alternate jog. While waiting for my turn, i keep my momentum by doing repititions on the jumping rope. So as not to put my self into rest mode while waiting for my turn to jog.

Breakfast was 1 cup of sopas, cooked by one of my angels, ate lyn. With 1 glass of water.

Since its a weekend, and every weekend, we make it a point to enjoy family time. So i bought 2 large Tilapia and 1/2 kilo of Liempo and we ate lunch Boodle-fight style.

But still i manage to control myself and set aside my own meal.

Lunch was :
2 servings of Lettuce-cucumber-tomato-onion-balsamic vinegar sauce
1/2 cup rice
1/2 medium tilapia

In the picture, it was the liempo that i set aside for my lunch but when im about to eat it, i realize its harder to burn the calories from the pork than the fish, so i settled for the Tilapia instead.

I enjoyed the salad, though i might have overdid the vinegar. I was able to buy 20 pesos worth of romane lettuce at Liza's vegetable store and the overpriced onion and cucumber at RP wet market on our way home earlier.

Dessert was 1 piece of saging na saba.

I enjoyed lunch, even without the liempo and limited rice (in boodlefights, one cant help but to eat more rice because maybe of the company or the setup of the way it is eaten--on a banana leaf), mainly because i was able to eat with the company of my family and felt the feeling that your not physically busog, but emotionally satisfied....
Later that afternoon, we went to SM Nova to open my son Kenneth his BDO Junior Savings account and when we're done, we strolled together around the mall. It was then that i realize that when you're on a diet, and you're in a mall, it's hard to fight the tempations of eating.

My boys insisted on eating at Mcdonalds. And as usual, we ordered chicken, chocolate sundae and french fries for the boys. I ordered nothing, but my hubby ordered the Largest fries to share while the kids enjoyed their food. Again, i was again facing temptation. Like a habit, My hubby spread the fries on the tray, with the ketchup dip beside. Who would never give in to this temptation. i did!

Im a hipocrite if i blogged that i was not tempted. I was. I was tempted and i gave in. I took 1 piece from the tray..enjoyed it, and left the table. I left my boys at Mcdonalds and headed to BookSale. Its better when im not around food, in a very non-dieter-friendly environment. I let my boys enjoy their food, while i bask myself on to other things that i enjoy, reading.

Afterwards, i saw a booth selling peanuts, so i bought 50 grams of roasted cashew nuts. I read that nuts are good source of fats and protein. So it may be the only food in the mall that is good for me. So i enjoyed every bit of it, and shared it with my boys on our way home...

At home before dinner, we stayed outside and enjoyed the cool weather summer nights bring. My boys and me enjoyed our chikkahan with Tita Glen (My longtime neighborhood friend). While chatting, i manage to do some resistance exercises and complete my jumping rope routing. My record as of today is 1200. and still counting...

At Dinner, i made salad again. 1/2 cup of the left over monggo and a slice of the fried shrimp omelet. No rice.

After dinner, movie night with the family. Usually family movie nights are spent with large packs of chichirya and coke and home cooked popcorn. But tonight, we just settled for the movie.

As i was composing this blog at around 2:30am, while my boys are sound asleep, i heard my stomach grumbled. Good thing that i have Nestle fruit selection Yogurt and Jelly--Buko pandan flavor. It's delish and cheaper... I still have the strawberry flavor on stock...but 1 is enough for today...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why did i join the Biggest Loser Challenge?

Last night, while i was surfing thru the net and hopping into my friends walls in facebook, i happen to stumble into my College friend Arnie Operana. And i saw here pictures that involves climbing and running.

Deep inside, i envy her.

There was still this part of me that wants to wander the mountains that i once have conquered. And lately, i have been reading on some running events that suddenly i want to participate in.

So this morning, when i asked this question to myself, What did i join the Biggest Loser Challenge? It's because.. i want to get into shape and do the things i want to do... Run into the wild.. Figuratively and literally...

This coming April 2011, i will have a major reunion climb with my Old Chopsuey mountaineering group in Pulag, Benguet. I want to have fun during the climb and not worry if im physically fit for the climb. I dont want to be a casualty for the group, so i have to prepare and train.

Also, i want to take on running as an hobby. But first, i have to be physically fit to cover distance. With my 10kgs overweight baggage, how will i go far?

When i was still single, i enjoyed joining Mountaineering escapades. I've been to the far and high north, been to the Visayas and some part of Mindanao.  When i became a mom five years ago, my travels were limited to only 1 climb or major out of town travel per year. It's not that i regret being a mom and being married. What i want is that i could be physically fit to do all the Mom/Wife jobs and at the same time, to be able to travel and enjoy life with my family.

I want to be able to run and race with my boys when they grow up.

I want to be able to climb with my Hubby, even when were in our 40s or more.

I still want to travel. And take my family with me.

And this is a start. To be physically fit.

Day 4 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 17, 2011 is the 4th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

Morning workout started at 6:00am
5 minutes stretch
50 jobs with resistance rope
100 squats
600 jumping rope

1/2c rice
slice of giniling omelet
1 cup of togue (ginisa)

AM Snack: 2 saba

2 wheat bread tuna sandwich
1 egg (boiled)
1 slice pineapple

PM Snack:
1 slice of papaya
1 egg (boiled)

Dinner was just 2 cups of sinampalukang manok soup with bits of upo and chicken.

At 3pm today, the adjacent department gave us pansit, palabok and barbeque.. tsk,tsk,tsk, while my officemates enjoyed the food, i busy myself blogging..hayz..

some of my colleagues teased on how good the food was, but i hold on to my chair, never let myself near within 3 feet close to the food, or else i lose my control and give in.

times like this are hard, but come to think of it, these are the similar times that made me gain my 10kgs overweight. so in my mind, will i give in or will i just sit on my chair and blog... guess what i did...

im still here didn't i...


im writing useless words in my blog just to keep me busy and think of anything else other than the food 5-feet away from me... i think im losing my mind... the smell of the palabok and barbeque still lingers ...aaahhhhhh....

i can smell the sauce of the barbeque, sweet. plus the shrimp from the palabok. i just busy myself my scrutinizing the smell of the food. maybe i'll get my satisfaction here.... telling to myself: "dont worry a little later, you'll be munching on your banana, egg and pineapple yum...". i may be fooling myself, but its what i got... i should not give in... in a little while the food will be gone, gone also is the smell.. and the temptation will be all over.. in a few...

at 4:10 its over... i made it...and im feeling good about myself...

Day 3 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 16, 2011 is the 3rd day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2.

Work-out started at 6:15am
25 squats
400 repetitions in jumping rope

1 small daing (fried)
1 whole tomato sliced
1/2 cup rice
1 banana
1 glass of water

2 tomatoes
2 lettuce leaves
3 slices of wheat bread tuna sandwich
1 glass of water

PM Snack:
1 slice of pineapple
2 bananas

Afternoon workout after office was 10 minute walk to the jogging place, 20 minutes jog and
10 minute walk to office.

2 slices of Bangus (sinigang)
2 servings of sinigang soup
1 mug Anlene milk
1 glass of milk
But i never ate the tuna sandwich,  instead i shared it with my hubby. I just ate another slice of bangus in exchange..hehehe

my body ached the whole day from the jog the past night and my squats that morning. hirap kumilos sa office, im not my usual self. But despite it, i was looking forward to 6pm, to start our afternoon workout.

i enjoyed my lunch because of the tomato and lettuce from ophie.

Dinner with my husband was super. i didn't felt full but the company i have was satisfying enough.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 2 - Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 15, 2011

In one of my reading, i have read that it takes a month for you to be able to build your exercise habit.
And i can testify for that, because that's exactly how i felt this morning.

A day ago, i was telling to myself that i will wake up at 5:15, so that i could stretch for 15 minutes and start my jumping rope routine by 5:30 up to 6:00. But, when my phone alarmed at 5:00am, i let it snoozed and sleep for another 1 and a half hour. It was 6:30 when i got out of bed, and i managed to perform a 15-minute work out...

Jumping Rope : 150 repititions
Squats: 35 counts

I know.. I know.. it's not quiet a number... but i promise myself, i'll work better next time. And wake up earlier too..

I ate breakfast before left for work. My breakfast contains 1/2 cup rice, A slice of Spinach Omelet, 1 cup Paco salad with bits of salted egg, 1 glass of water, 1 cup pesang tilapia soup.

AM snack was  - 1 slice of watermelon.

Lunch was 4 slices of wheat bread with tuna sandwich. Again i overeat.. 1 glass of water and 1 slice of pineaple.

PM Snack was - 1 slice of papaya and 1 slice of my tuna sandwich...In preparation for our jogging later.

At 6:01, Me, leah and Ophie headed down to SB road. Along this road, there are vacant lots that is frequented by joggers. By this time, it was beginning to get dark, so we stretched and jogged for 20 minutes. We jogged around the same area  4 times, then sprint on a 250m uphill to finish the work out, then cooled down by walking back to the office for 5 minutes.

By the time i reached my cubicle, i was sooo thursty that i gulp my 250ml water at one time. Then i gathered my things and prepared to go home. Im too exausted to render overtime work, Im in no shape to think, i think..

Together with Ophie, we logged out and headed to the City. From there, i psyched my self if i can still do the walking that i plan, i was so tired so i decided to ride the jeep but rode off a few meters to my stop and started walking to the house. My planned 30 minute walk became 15 mins. But i plan to do better next time. With a smaller and lighter bag.

Dinner was 1 apple, 1 mug of Anlene, 4 wheat crackers and 2 cups of Tinola Soup.

Went to sleep at 10:30pm. I was so tired, i snooze off immediately.

on a more personal note:

im frustrated that i only jogged for 20 minutes. that was my record last saturday. i want to run more, but my legs hurt badly. and i feel my heart pumping so fast. plus it was getting dark and im afraid for us 3 ladies to jog on the deserted part of the village.

during my walkaton, i was walking like a robot. i was holding 1 kilo of mango in plastic at one hand, and on my other shoulder is my big bag carrying my used uniforms and other stuff. But i still enjoyed walking and looking around for great finds, i was hoping to find a good bargain for lettuce or any vegetable i could find. part of what made me decided to ride the jeep, instead of walking, is that the variety of foods that i see while walking, instead of walking through the food stores and get tempted, i decided to commute. good decision i think.

When i got home, my legs ached and i was sweating. Nice feeling, but tiring. I cant concentrate when i was doing my night routine, coz i cant wait to retire for the day. My hubby was very supportive and let me use the bed so that i could stretch while my boys shared the queen size bed below me.


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