Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 11 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2


February 24, 2001 is the 11th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Wednesday.

On the 11th day of my challenge, I decided to give a title for each day to make my blog more exciting. I’m also motivated with my blog because my blog hits increased since I started my journey. Thanks to all who took time to read.

I have also got comments that they were inspired by my blog and are also starting their own journey with me. For that, thank you.. thank you… for giving me inspiration to continue and to be a better me.

Today’s title is “GAS-GAS”, as in, bruised . That’s what my tongue felt after eating ½ of a medium sized pineapple for lunch… Don’t get me wrong.. the pineapple was delish, healthy and effective, because I can’t eat anything after that because my tongue was so sore.

I wasn’t able to work-out in the morning because of the cold morning air. I can’t pull myself out of my bed, besides, I’ll just maximize my workout later after office.

Breakfast was:
1 cup lomi
1 pc of Papaya

AM Breakfast:
2 pcs senorita banana

½ medium pineapple

PM Snack:
2 tuna wheat bread sandwich
2 banana

It’s good that I ate bread before I played badminton. We started our badminton game at around 7pm and finished by 9pm.

I’m not that good in badminton but I played well and sweat more and had a really good time with my colleagues. I also was able to do 100 jumping rope while I took a rest from playing.

By 9pm, we were on our way home. Karl was till awake when I arrived and we shared the apple that I had for dinner. I was not planning to eat dinner, but I guess the game made me hungry and I ate the 1/3 bangus they left for my dinner.

1 Apple
1/3 bangus ( inihaw )

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