Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 0 - Biggest Loser Challenge 2

Day 0

A day before our first weigh-in on our 2nd Biggest Loser Challenge.

I've taken my body measurements just now... but hesitant to post because i never realized how big, and i mean big, my measurements.. But what the heck! If this is for the betterment of me. Here goes:

in inches..

Waist:38; Hips:36; Thigh-22;Leg-15;Arms-11;Bust-40;Lower Bust-36.

2 days before today, i weighed at 64.1 kgs or 141.316 lbs.

Today... since this will be my last 24-hours that i'm allowed to eat whatever i crave for, i ate spaghetti and palabok and coffee crumble.. without counting the servings.. just eating like its my last day alive...

Tommorrow will be our first weigh-in. After the weigh-in, it's official.. i'm on a diet... But before that, i'm enjoying my mug of coffee crumble and cookies and cream while blogging....yummm

Before my weight loss program start, i have research on strategies on how to do this... and here is my plan:

i need to have 20-minute cardio excercise a day so in the morning i will be brisk walking from house to nova bayan; a 30-minute walk. but Will start after march 18 coz i still need to drop by karl to his school before going to work. in the meantime..i will walk from Nova bayan to our house after office.
Note to my self: Dont forget walking shoes and socks

Will wake up at 5:30am and work-out with jumping rope and to feel the cold morning air.
Note to myself: Buy new sets of rope.

Jogging on mornings of saturdays and sundays with my hubby. Plan to increase my time double each weekend. Just to push myself everytime.

I have to maintain my daily calorie requirement, and not over eat...

Breakfast will be 1/2 cup rice and any viand available. All breakfast menu i prepared is vegetable and a little of meat.

Lunch will be wheat bread and tuna sandwich. Will check market on fresh cucumber and lettuce to go with it.

For the rest of the day, i'll be munching on nothing but fruits & vegetables alone. No questions asks...

Allowed drinks throughout the day is only water. Juice but 1-2 servings only, for a little endulgment.
Note to myself: Drink 1 glass of Anlene before going to sleep.

However, i will still look forward to our usual sunday lunch with the family. Its the only time, i get to enjoy eating with them. But this time, i will be checking on my food intake and not over-indulge

Things i need to remember:

1. Lessen computer time at home.
Note to myself: To have 8 hours of sleep.

2. No carbonated drinks. No sweets.

3. Not to be grumpy whenever im hungry, so as not to affect my work and relationship to the people around me.

4. Read..Read..Read on new ideas how to improve my weight loss program.

That's it for now... Good luck to my team.. "TEAM MISSION SLIMPOSSIBLE"..

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