Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why did i join the Biggest Loser Challenge?

Last night, while i was surfing thru the net and hopping into my friends walls in facebook, i happen to stumble into my College friend Arnie Operana. And i saw here pictures that involves climbing and running.

Deep inside, i envy her.

There was still this part of me that wants to wander the mountains that i once have conquered. And lately, i have been reading on some running events that suddenly i want to participate in.

So this morning, when i asked this question to myself, What did i join the Biggest Loser Challenge? It's because.. i want to get into shape and do the things i want to do... Run into the wild.. Figuratively and literally...

This coming April 2011, i will have a major reunion climb with my Old Chopsuey mountaineering group in Pulag, Benguet. I want to have fun during the climb and not worry if im physically fit for the climb. I dont want to be a casualty for the group, so i have to prepare and train.

Also, i want to take on running as an hobby. But first, i have to be physically fit to cover distance. With my 10kgs overweight baggage, how will i go far?

When i was still single, i enjoyed joining Mountaineering escapades. I've been to the far and high north, been to the Visayas and some part of Mindanao.  When i became a mom five years ago, my travels were limited to only 1 climb or major out of town travel per year. It's not that i regret being a mom and being married. What i want is that i could be physically fit to do all the Mom/Wife jobs and at the same time, to be able to travel and enjoy life with my family.

I want to be able to run and race with my boys when they grow up.

I want to be able to climb with my Hubby, even when were in our 40s or more.

I still want to travel. And take my family with me.

And this is a start. To be physically fit.

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