Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 4 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 17, 2011 is the 4th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

Morning workout started at 6:00am
5 minutes stretch
50 jobs with resistance rope
100 squats
600 jumping rope

1/2c rice
slice of giniling omelet
1 cup of togue (ginisa)

AM Snack: 2 saba

2 wheat bread tuna sandwich
1 egg (boiled)
1 slice pineapple

PM Snack:
1 slice of papaya
1 egg (boiled)

Dinner was just 2 cups of sinampalukang manok soup with bits of upo and chicken.

At 3pm today, the adjacent department gave us pansit, palabok and barbeque.. tsk,tsk,tsk, while my officemates enjoyed the food, i busy myself blogging..hayz..

some of my colleagues teased on how good the food was, but i hold on to my chair, never let myself near within 3 feet close to the food, or else i lose my control and give in.

times like this are hard, but come to think of it, these are the similar times that made me gain my 10kgs overweight. so in my mind, will i give in or will i just sit on my chair and blog... guess what i did...

im still here didn't i...


im writing useless words in my blog just to keep me busy and think of anything else other than the food 5-feet away from me... i think im losing my mind... the smell of the palabok and barbeque still lingers ...aaahhhhhh....

i can smell the sauce of the barbeque, sweet. plus the shrimp from the palabok. i just busy myself my scrutinizing the smell of the food. maybe i'll get my satisfaction here.... telling to myself: "dont worry a little later, you'll be munching on your banana, egg and pineapple yum...". i may be fooling myself, but its what i got... i should not give in... in a little while the food will be gone, gone also is the smell.. and the temptation will be all over.. in a few...

at 4:10 its over... i made it...and im feeling good about myself...

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