Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 9 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 22, 2001 is the 9th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Tuesday.

Woke up at 6:15am, my mother-in-law called so i only have 15 minutes to work out. I manage to do 500 jumping rope reps.

Like yesterday, i packed my breakfast and eat it at my table.

1/2 cup rice
1 cup adobong kangkong with pork bits
1 slice of egg-potato omelet
2 senorita banana 

At lunch, me and my teammates did a 29-minute hiphop abs workout. We we're sweating after that, but feels good.

After workout lunch:
2 tuna sandwich
2 senorita banana
As of today, i feel good about my body. I still ache after each work-out but not like the first few days when i started my routine.

Also, i get to enjoy workouts because anything thats not work is good. hehehe... In these days that work is so hectic, i learn to appreciate every little time that i dont have to work, with friends or with family.

By 3:39 today, i feel sleepy. My body wants to lay down and slumber to sleep.

What better way to beat sleepiness at work is coffee. But unfortunately for me, coffee contains sugar, and my body doesn't need sugar right now.

ooohhh i really miss coffee..but my friday coffee day is so far away from today...

So i'll just munch on my ripe papaya to keep me awake.

PM Snack:
1 slice papaya
1 tuna sandwich

While working, me and my mountaineer friend, Nong, had a little chat. She invited me to join her to jog at The Fort in taguig. And without hesistation, i agreed. I also invited Fed and Leah to join me.

We were excited for the run, since this will be our first time to explore the place. Plus, im also excited to see an old friend again, after several years.

We left office at 6pm and arrived at Boni High Street at 45mins past 7pm. At 8pm we were doing our stretching and headed off to jog.

The place was haven for joggers. Most of the joggers were yuppies.. As per my friend Nong, the jogging area was 1.2Km in distance. The area was also marked by ropes attached to those orange traffic cones (those colored orange thingie that are shaped like cones), so that the joggers have their own lane and the motorist are curteous enough to slow down whenever joggers cross intersections.

I walk-jogged for 45 minutes. I didn't realize that it's been that long because aside from running and walking, i busied myself in window shopping and observing the people around me.

First place that caught my attention was the building of R.O.X.. (See left picture ) This was also haven for sports enthusiast. They have all kinds of commodities for sale for all sports (climbing, bike, swimming) name it, they got it. I got to go inside the place, but not that long because shopping was not my main purpose there.. Also, i have to stop myself from staying longer coz i might lose myself control and buy something...

2nd... all joggers are beautiful people. This makes me one of them...hehehe..Boni High Street is the place to strut your sporty bod and your matching hi-tech running gadget. Almost all of the joggers have those thingie attached to their arms and are on earphones.

Leah and i joked one time that we could also wear those shorty shorts and sporty singlet while running...without our mommy love handles...hahaha.. one of these days...

All in all .... the jog was successful.. as per my pedometer, my record was 5771 steps, naks! yesterday.. my record was 2492 steps. I jogged for 45 minutes, enjoyed the view and the company.

After 45 minutes we rested on one side of the park, there was free wifi, so we were able to post our location on facebook ( and brag a little!). Plus, appreciate the place. For a converted-shopaholic like me, this place is like temptation island. Everywhere were different botiques from books to apparel to sports apparel and equipments . There were also several restos that were packed with people.

A really really nice place...

Im sorry that my blog centered on my new discovered jogging place -- Boni High Street. Okay, so back to my challenge.... I promise to blog this place seperately sometime in the future.

Leah and me agreed to make this routine every week. Thanks to Nong, who also wanted company, who agreed to car pool with us every tuesday. So.. its not yet my last jog at the fort. I will sure to return...

So, back to my challenge. Today is a good day.   In summary, i was able to work-out for 29 minutes during lunch and jog for 45 minutes at the Fort. Nice! Nice! If i keep this up, i'll be wearing those shorty shorts in no time.

When my hubby and i got home from the Fort by past 10pm, my stomach was grumbling.. and my reward for working out -- Neste Fruit Yogart and Jelly in strawberry flavor. Delish!

1 pc senorita banana
1/2 papaya
1 Nestle Fruit Yogart and Jelly - Strawberry Flavor

I retired in bed by 11pm. Tommorrow is another day! Thanks for reading...

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