Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 7 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 20, 2001 is the 7th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

My family had to go to church today, so no time for early morning workout.... Because of my late night to early morning blogging, i wasn't able to wake up early for my work out. But i still manage to do 400 jumping ropes before i hit the shower...

3 pcs pandesal
1 egg (fried - sunny side up)

AM Snack : 1/2 cob of sweet yellow corn ( boiled)

1/2 rice
2 servings of pakbet

In the afternoon, my hubby, Karl and I went to our ME gathering. I set my mind that i would not eat because our ME gatherings are known to have lots of food offered during the gathering because of the pot-luck style.

When we arrived at the house of one of our members, they were serving chicken tinola, rice, lechon manok and sodas. But i refuse. It was good that we left the house after lunch and it was easy for me to refuse the food.

Then one of my colleages brought  pansit and puto sa bilao. This time, i cant resist... I ate 1 pc of puto and drink lots of water.

Then our group practice our songs for the ME weekend..

Then one colleagues brought Special pansit palabok. Hmmm my favorite.... At first, i tried to ignore, but i really cant resist. Its the type of palabok with anything on it... Yummy! So i ate 2 sandoks of the palabok, and i cant resist sipping on my son's soda with it. Guilty but promised not to eat dinner for that.

Then another colleague arrived. With 2 plates of assorted maki and sashimi! OMG!!! I haven't eat sashimi and maki for a long time, so i grabbed the opportunity and put 5 assorted maki on my plate and dig in....
It's good that the soda run out because i would have drink again...

So for PM Snack, i ate:
1/2 cup palabok
1 pc puto with cheese on top
2 pcs chicharon with vinegar
5 pcs assorted maki
1 bite of brownie
1/2 cup coke

Dinner: None.

So thats how my weekend went.  I was short of workout and i over-eat, resulting to me skipping dinner. Overall -- not good!

First -- i should have let my self have enough sleep, so i could still have energy to wake up early and perform my work out.

2nd -- i should have controlled my self, whenever i see my fave foods, and not give in that easily.

3rd -- i should not skip meal.

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