Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 1 - Biggest Loser Challenge 2

It's official. Today is the 1st day of our Biggest Loser Challenge 2.

At 8:15 today, together with the other guys who wanted to check on their weight, we went down to the carpentry section to use the flour weighing scale, because it was more accurate than the store-bought weighing scale...

Here are the statistics:
Me - 142.12 lbs
Harold - 202.84 lbs
Leah - 125.62 lbs
Ophie - 130.9 lbs

At 4:15pm, our team weighed in using the official scale. Bigger discrepancy than the earlier weights, maybe because of the calibration...

Here are the statistics:
Me - 149 lbs
Harold - 214 lbs
Leah - 146 lbs
Ophie 148 lbs

Our team plans to jog from 6:00 to 7:00 pm Monday to Wednesday. On thursdays, we are booked for badminton. Fridays are our rest day for jogging.

For me, im walking from the city to our house, it's a 30 minute brisk walk every day. Just to double the burn from the usual jogging..

On weekends, me and my hubby will jog for our 10K training for March 6 Unilab Run. Still need to register.

Im still formulating my strength and resistance training. I plan to train 3x a week. Still reading on some materials before i start.

As for my diet, my breakfast starting tommorrow will be rice and vegetables.
Lunch will be 2 servings of tuna and wheat bread, with little mayo. With side dish of cucumber. Dinner will be 1 servings of tuna & wheat bread or any fruits available at home.

Before i left the office and start my walkaton, im eating a slice of papaya and watermelon, and gulp on lots of water.

Good luck Team Mission Slimpossible!!!

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