Thursday, February 24, 2011

Proud Mommy

February 23, 2011

I took a leave from work today because it was Karl’s 1st ever Talent Day at school. I was looking forward to this day from the time their teacher announced that there is going to be one.

Before this day, I was always asking Karl on what will they be performing today, but he keeps on telling me “Secret!”. So I prepared myself to be amazed and surprised. But what I saw touched me.

It was a mother’s fulfillment seeing my child able to perform and was proud doing it. My Karl has evolved from a mischievous toddler to a well-behaved and proud boy.

Early that day, we prepared for the event. We all wanted to watch kuya karl’s performance. So my two boys took their bath and I prepared “porma” clothes for them to wear. While I prepare, my Kids ate their breakfast. First rule of the day was to have a full stomach, so that Karl will be in a good mood during his performance and not pull into tantrums. In one of his past school programs, karl did not participate because he didn’t eat breakfast and was hungry during the program.

Before we left the house, my boys posed for some pictures. Haayyy.. time really flies. It was like moments ago that I was cradling them in my arms, and now they’re running around like no care in the world.

After the morning prayer, the
kids started the program with interpretative song number.

Then Teacher Sharon introduce each of them while they modeled their casual clothes. Each kid recited their favorite verses. Karl’s was:
“In everything, give thanks, for this is the will of God for you”.

When it was time for their individual talent.. I prepared myself…

Karl was the first one to play the piano…he played “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. While he was playing, I can’t explain what I’m feeling. I can see in his eyes that he liked playing the piano and he’s proud and enjoyed his performance. As for me, my heart was pumping so hard, teary-eyed and of course very proud of my son. I tried to hide my eyes with my camera, and after his performance I hugged him and I could never be so happy.

The program ended with another song number from all the kids. And of course my son did well..

The program was a surprise to all the parents. I’m sure like me, they were touched by their kid’s performances. I’m thankful to teacher Sharon DeTorre for devotedly teaching the kids and for making this event happen. These are some of the few experiences that parents can see and appreciate the outcome of our sacrifices for our Kids.

As for my Karl, I’ve seen his enthusiasm in playing the piano and I am determined to enroll him to develop him further. Calling all piano teachers in Novaliches Area!!!

As for my bunso, Kenneth.. I think I’ll enroll him in drumming lesson. During the program, I can see him playing with the drums from the side-stage..

I treated the kids to lunch at Jollibee SM Nova afterwards.

This was another milestone for my Karl.. and a reward and motivation for me. I am also thankful to my Creator, who have blessed me with such wonderful kids….

Life is really good.

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