Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 6 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 19, 2011 is the 6th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Saturday.

Early morning jogging with hubby and kids.

We  walk 20 minutes to the park, brought the jumping rope with us as requested by Karl and i was able to do 3 rounds of 8-minute jog, with 5 minutes interval, because we have to alternate guard the kids while me and hubby alternate jog. While waiting for my turn, i keep my momentum by doing repititions on the jumping rope. So as not to put my self into rest mode while waiting for my turn to jog.

Breakfast was 1 cup of sopas, cooked by one of my angels, ate lyn. With 1 glass of water.

Since its a weekend, and every weekend, we make it a point to enjoy family time. So i bought 2 large Tilapia and 1/2 kilo of Liempo and we ate lunch Boodle-fight style.

But still i manage to control myself and set aside my own meal.

Lunch was :
2 servings of Lettuce-cucumber-tomato-onion-balsamic vinegar sauce
1/2 cup rice
1/2 medium tilapia

In the picture, it was the liempo that i set aside for my lunch but when im about to eat it, i realize its harder to burn the calories from the pork than the fish, so i settled for the Tilapia instead.

I enjoyed the salad, though i might have overdid the vinegar. I was able to buy 20 pesos worth of romane lettuce at Liza's vegetable store and the overpriced onion and cucumber at RP wet market on our way home earlier.

Dessert was 1 piece of saging na saba.

I enjoyed lunch, even without the liempo and limited rice (in boodlefights, one cant help but to eat more rice because maybe of the company or the setup of the way it is eaten--on a banana leaf), mainly because i was able to eat with the company of my family and felt the feeling that your not physically busog, but emotionally satisfied....
Later that afternoon, we went to SM Nova to open my son Kenneth his BDO Junior Savings account and when we're done, we strolled together around the mall. It was then that i realize that when you're on a diet, and you're in a mall, it's hard to fight the tempations of eating.

My boys insisted on eating at Mcdonalds. And as usual, we ordered chicken, chocolate sundae and french fries for the boys. I ordered nothing, but my hubby ordered the Largest fries to share while the kids enjoyed their food. Again, i was again facing temptation. Like a habit, My hubby spread the fries on the tray, with the ketchup dip beside. Who would never give in to this temptation. i did!

Im a hipocrite if i blogged that i was not tempted. I was. I was tempted and i gave in. I took 1 piece from the tray..enjoyed it, and left the table. I left my boys at Mcdonalds and headed to BookSale. Its better when im not around food, in a very non-dieter-friendly environment. I let my boys enjoy their food, while i bask myself on to other things that i enjoy, reading.

Afterwards, i saw a booth selling peanuts, so i bought 50 grams of roasted cashew nuts. I read that nuts are good source of fats and protein. So it may be the only food in the mall that is good for me. So i enjoyed every bit of it, and shared it with my boys on our way home...

At home before dinner, we stayed outside and enjoyed the cool weather summer nights bring. My boys and me enjoyed our chikkahan with Tita Glen (My longtime neighborhood friend). While chatting, i manage to do some resistance exercises and complete my jumping rope routing. My record as of today is 1200. and still counting...

At Dinner, i made salad again. 1/2 cup of the left over monggo and a slice of the fried shrimp omelet. No rice.

After dinner, movie night with the family. Usually family movie nights are spent with large packs of chichirya and coke and home cooked popcorn. But tonight, we just settled for the movie.

As i was composing this blog at around 2:30am, while my boys are sound asleep, i heard my stomach grumbled. Good thing that i have Nestle fruit selection Yogurt and Jelly--Buko pandan flavor. It's delish and cheaper... I still have the strawberry flavor on stock...but 1 is enough for today...

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