Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 8 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 21, 2001 is the 8th day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Monday.

Because i was so guilty that i over-eat yesterday, i was determined to wake up early and work out.

So at 6:00am, i was doing my stretching, resistance and jumping rope exercises. I still cant beat my outstanding record of 1200, because at 400 my son Kenneth woke up and started to make lambing and wanted to play with me and Kuya Karl... So to continue my workout, i played sprint with them inside
the garage. I plan to take pictures of my early morning workout and post it here soon.,

Note to self: I have to wake up earlier than 6am, so that i could extend my workout time, and do more repetitions. And at the same time, i could still play with may boys when they woke up, before i prepare for office.

At the office, we went to the warehouse again to weigh-in. And i'm glad that my current weight is now........ 63.6kgs or 140.238lbs... i lost 1.323lbs  from last friday...

All in all.. i lost 2.205 lbs... or 1 Kilo... 9 kgs more to lose! If i could keep this up, i could lose 10 kgs in 10 weeks... I hope!

I ate my breakfast past 8am, so by lunch, im not starving. I just ate half of a small pineapple. I set aside the other half for my other better half (Sweeeeeet!) Did i mention, he's also on diet? hahaha....

1/2 cup rice
1 serving of ginisang togue with tokwa
2 senorita banana

Lunch: 1 slice of pineapple
2 pcs senorita banana

I have proven last time, that to be successful in any diet endeavor, Your immediate family will be your No. 1 supporter. So before i started this challenge, i talked to them and explain that when i go on this diet, the
whole household should be too.. Except the kids, ofcourse.

And i'm glad that they understand and they support me all the way....Even my kids, whose with my during my workouts.

PM Snack:
2 pieces of Rebisco Wheat Crackers
1 pc of wheat bread with tuna spread
2 pcs of seniority banana
2 pcs of Sylvanas from Fed  (Yeah! it was a pasalubong from Fed, from Nueva Ecija, cant resist because these delicacy was to die for... I swear, i'll buy one of those after these challenge, but only after i reached my desired weight...)

I also need to up my workout because of the sugar contents of those Sylvanas!

So,  after office,  i jogged with my work colleague and fellow mountaineer friend, Fed. My girl team mates decided to do a hip-hop abs workout instead. I jogged for 20 minutes and walked 10 minutes back to the office.

By the time i get back from jogging, i was exausted and hungry. Maybe because i skipped my lunch. So i ate the handful of peanuts that i have in my bag, leftover from our trip from the mall last saturday.

Lessons learned: Never to skip lunch.

I walked for 15  minutes from the hiway to the house, and when i got home, i did some cool down routines, plus 50 situps and pushup combinations.

After workout, before i hit the shower, i ate my dinner.

2 pcs of buntot ng bangus (with black beans)
1 mug of Anlene milk

I survived my 8th day... more to go....

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