Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 2 - Biggest Loser Challenge 2

February 15, 2011

In one of my reading, i have read that it takes a month for you to be able to build your exercise habit.
And i can testify for that, because that's exactly how i felt this morning.

A day ago, i was telling to myself that i will wake up at 5:15, so that i could stretch for 15 minutes and start my jumping rope routine by 5:30 up to 6:00. But, when my phone alarmed at 5:00am, i let it snoozed and sleep for another 1 and a half hour. It was 6:30 when i got out of bed, and i managed to perform a 15-minute work out...

Jumping Rope : 150 repititions
Squats: 35 counts

I know.. I know.. it's not quiet a number... but i promise myself, i'll work better next time. And wake up earlier too..

I ate breakfast before left for work. My breakfast contains 1/2 cup rice, A slice of Spinach Omelet, 1 cup Paco salad with bits of salted egg, 1 glass of water, 1 cup pesang tilapia soup.

AM snack was  - 1 slice of watermelon.

Lunch was 4 slices of wheat bread with tuna sandwich. Again i overeat.. 1 glass of water and 1 slice of pineaple.

PM Snack was - 1 slice of papaya and 1 slice of my tuna sandwich...In preparation for our jogging later.

At 6:01, Me, leah and Ophie headed down to SB road. Along this road, there are vacant lots that is frequented by joggers. By this time, it was beginning to get dark, so we stretched and jogged for 20 minutes. We jogged around the same area  4 times, then sprint on a 250m uphill to finish the work out, then cooled down by walking back to the office for 5 minutes.

By the time i reached my cubicle, i was sooo thursty that i gulp my 250ml water at one time. Then i gathered my things and prepared to go home. Im too exausted to render overtime work, Im in no shape to think, i think..

Together with Ophie, we logged out and headed to the City. From there, i psyched my self if i can still do the walking that i plan, i was so tired so i decided to ride the jeep but rode off a few meters to my stop and started walking to the house. My planned 30 minute walk became 15 mins. But i plan to do better next time. With a smaller and lighter bag.

Dinner was 1 apple, 1 mug of Anlene, 4 wheat crackers and 2 cups of Tinola Soup.

Went to sleep at 10:30pm. I was so tired, i snooze off immediately.

on a more personal note:

im frustrated that i only jogged for 20 minutes. that was my record last saturday. i want to run more, but my legs hurt badly. and i feel my heart pumping so fast. plus it was getting dark and im afraid for us 3 ladies to jog on the deserted part of the village.

during my walkaton, i was walking like a robot. i was holding 1 kilo of mango in plastic at one hand, and on my other shoulder is my big bag carrying my used uniforms and other stuff. But i still enjoyed walking and looking around for great finds, i was hoping to find a good bargain for lettuce or any vegetable i could find. part of what made me decided to ride the jeep, instead of walking, is that the variety of foods that i see while walking, instead of walking through the food stores and get tempted, i decided to commute. good decision i think.

When i got home, my legs ached and i was sweating. Nice feeling, but tiring. I cant concentrate when i was doing my night routine, coz i cant wait to retire for the day. My hubby was very supportive and let me use the bed so that i could stretch while my boys shared the queen size bed below me.

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