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Day 19-22 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

March 4-7, 2011 is the 19th to the 22nd day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Friday to Monday.

“Long Weekend”

Been out of touch for the past 3 days… I have to be on ME duty for the weekend, together with hubby… I’ve got no time to shoot pictures or log my meals but I was careful with my diet. I think.

The past 3 days just flew by, like the saying goes “time flies when u’r having fun”.

Last Friday, I filed for an under-time at the office because we were heading for Tagaytay, Friday night. My hubby waited for me at home, while he packed our bags and things I prepared the night before and took the boys to school and play with them the whole day.  Just to make up time with the kids while we’re away for the weekend.

1/2 cup rice
1/2 cup adobong kangkong
1/2 cup ginisang ampalaya (left over from thursday night)

Before we left the house, we stayed first for dinner. The boys enjoyed the fried fish with chicken sotanghon. While my husband requested for Tuyo(dried salted fish).  Dinner was great! I ate ½ cup rice and 1 tuyo and 1 cup soup. I need to eat so I would not crave for food while on route. Plus we don’t know our route yet, so I better be physically ready for the travel.

1st Dinner: ½ cup rice
1 Tuyo
1 cup Sotanghon

While in the bus, I realized, I miss traveling with my husband. ( We were both mountaineers. My husband is from Laguna, Im from QC, but we met during a climb on the 2nd Highest Mountain in Luzon - mt Amuyao...)In traveling, It doesn’t matter where you’re going… what matters is with who you are with. I thought we should do this more often, when budget and schedule permits.

We arrived at St. Bridget Retreat House at 10:30pm. Weather was perfect combination of cold air and little rain.

Most of our ME family are there already, and since we have a long night ahead, we ate again. This time , they served us with rice and Sister Mayette’s meaty laing. I accompany my husband to eat, but since I’m also starving, I also ate ½ cup rice and laing. Can’t resist. So,  after our 2nd dinner, we went on our duties for the night. By 1am, we rested in our room and recharged for tomorrow.

2nd Dinner:
½ cup rice
1 cup laing

Saturday Breakfast was: 1 serving of egg omelet and dilis with ½ cup rice.

1/2 cup rice
½ cup dilis
1 slice of egg and onion omelet

At 5am we were already awake, today is a long day for all the volunteers, I thought, Mel and I could take a short jog or walk around the area before we start our day but there’s a light rain since 5am, so we settled to stair climb. Our room was in 3rd floor so it’s quite a climb.

I have 2 Rebisco Whole Wheat crackers in my pocket in case I got hungry.  We have biscuits and cakes and coffee served throughout the day but that’s too much sugar for me.  When our participants were having breakfast, our team priest requested for bread, apparently, he doesn’t eat rice in the morning, so since we don’t have bread supply at the moment, I volunteered to donate my 2 crackers…. There goes my snack…

AM Snack:
1 turon and water

2 cups of Mix vegetables
½ cup of chicken tinola

Lunch was at 2pm already. A little late `coz I had to wait for Melvin to finish the setup of the sound system ( In ME, it is a rule to do things together with your partner) It’s good that I ate 1 turon for snack earlier.  When it’s our turn to eat lunch, I was tempted to eat rice, but instead I ate 2 cups of the mix vegetable to fill in for the rice, then lots of sabaw and sayote from the Tinola.

At 3pm, I took a 10 minute nap, just to re-start my system. I’m starting to cough and my sinus hurts and it seems that im going down with a cold. Maybe because of the rain while were traveling last night. Mel suggested I took a nap while the Talks are still on-going. We have lots of activities tonight, so It’s better that I rest for a while.

At 3:30, I am recharged! I helped with the physical arrangements on our next activity at the 4th floor. I can’t remember how many times I went up and down from the ground to the fourth floor. I just thought that this will be the closest to my workout.

When it was time for dinner, Mel and I shared plates. We both were not in the mood to eat, maybe because we were tired from the preparations. But I told him, we need food for the next activity, so we shared what I got from the buffet table. I requested for another serving of Adobong baboy but he declined.  I didn’t insist since it’s already 9pm and the pork may be difficult to digest/burn. I just munched on the 3 senorita bananas for dessert instead.

Dinner: Adobong baboy, 2 pcs nilagang talong and 3pcs okra with ½ cup rice and 3 pcs of senorita banana

At 5:30 am, we were headed to manila. Thanks to the palengke boys of Mt Carmel flock who dropped us off at Olivares intersection in tagaytay, where we waited for bus headed to Pasay.  By 8:30, we were back home with the boys.

Sunday breakfast: 1 cup sopas

We missed our Kids so much, and to thank my angels for taking care of the boys, we headed to SM Nova for brunch, after the 9:30am mass. I also invited our neighbor, Glen, to join us.

So by 11am, we ordered our lunch at Shakey’s. I ordered 1 platter of Spaghetti, chicken and mojo platter for 6, 1 pitcher of Rootbeer, 1 pitcher of lemonade, 1 party size thin crust pepperoni pizza and while we wait for the order, Mel ordered 2 large fries from McDonalds.  It was food galore!

Lunch: Shakey’s 3 slices of pepperoni pizza, ½ cup of spaghetti, 1 buttered bread, 1 pc fried chicken, 1 glass lemonade, 4 pcs mojos.

I wanted to eat more pizza and chicken, but I controlled myself. Before this challenge, my hubby and I could eat 2-pc chicken each and half of a party pizza. All these foods are unhealthy for my diet, I told myself. Good thing that I still have 1 week to burn all these foods. So I just indulged myself to my glass of lemonade and fill myself with enriching conversations.

No dinner for me that night, but I drank 1 mug of Anlene milk before retiring to sleep, for my bones.

Monday..Back to reality… Back to my usual diet of pineapple and papaya and tuna wheat bread sandwich.

Breakfast: ½ cup rice and giniling omelet
AM snack: ½ pineapple
Lunch: 2 slices of wheat bread with 1 slice of giniling omelet
PM Snack: 1 slice of papaya
Dinner: 1 cup ginisang upo and 1 pc fried tilapia

After office, Ophie and I jogged for 32 minutes. This time we decided we go for low intensity work-out.

What happened?

Last Friday, we weighed-in at the warehouse and as recorded, we gained weight. Frustrated and bothered, we analyzed what we done wrong and here are our theories:

1.  We should improve our diet. I personally blame my cheeseburger splurge last Monday and my dinner date with hubby last Tuesday ( but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop my Tuesday date with hubby).
2.  Our body was used to the intensity of our workout, that our bodies did not pushed hard enough to burn more fats or stored energy, for us to lose weight.
3.  We have build on more muscles. In fact, muscles are more heavier that fats.

So starting today, we will be changing our diets and work-out schedule and intensity and see how it will work out….

1.  We will add more protein to our diet. (thanks to sir AJ’s advise about eating protein!) Ophie and I shared our experiences on being forgetful lately and these instances of memory loss was mainly because we don’t eat the recommended protein that our body needs.
2.  To burn more calories and not build on the hard muscles, we will go for low intensity run but longer this time. As recorded, we finish 1 lap in 4 minutes. 25 minutes or less for 5 laps.
3.  We read on proper stretching techniques before and after running. We have discovered that our stretching before our run was not enough and we are not stretching the right muscles that we strain during running. This may be the reason, while after our Thursday run, our muscles were sore and we’re not feeling well the day after.
4.  We’ll change schedule of running from MTW to MWTh, so we could have a day break before each run. So that our muscle will be able to rejuvenate more and we could do better on the next workout.
5.  And promise to minimize our eating galore on unhealthy foods. Promise! Cross my heart!


   1 cup of ginisang Upo
1  1/2 medium tilapia (fried)

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