Friday, April 1, 2011


In three weeks, I will again embark on a new mission… To climb the highest mountain in Luzon, Mt. Pulag.  It is also the third highest in the Philippines with a height of 2922 meters above sea level.

Looking back 5-6 years ago… when I got married and became a mom, I laid low on my mountaineering activities… From the first 3 years of having kids, I did not climb any mountain… I vowed to concentrate on my kids and family alone during these crucial years of their growing up. Then after 3 years, I went back to doing what I love, but only limited myself to 1 major “lakad” per year, of course, this time, I have a climbing buddy, my hubby. 

So what does Pulag has to do with my story.. 6 years ago, When I laid low, I told myself, that when I will come back to climbing mountains again, first on my list is Pulag. And here it is, an opportunity was presented to me, and I couldn’t say No… The timing was right, the kids are on vacation, Me and Hubby are fit and already into running which is good preparation for the climb and old mountaineering friends  are coming along.. so this is it… 

Pulag… we will meet again… soon…

Below is our planned itinerary for the climb. The trip will just be a weekend. We’ll leave Manila on a Friday night and head back by Sunday night. I wish it to be longer, or with a side trip at Baguio ( and meet some other mountaineering friends based in Baguio) but our work schedule does not allow it. But we’ll see…

Day 0 – April 15, 2011
2200 Take a bus to Baguio City

Day 1 – April 16, 2011
0500 ETA Baguio City. Breakfast then proceed to jeepney terminal/chartered jeep
0700 Take chartered jeep to DENR Ambangeg, Kabayan, Benguet.
1000 ETA DENR Visitor’s Center for Registration/Orientation
1130 Set out fo Ranger Station
1230 ETA and Lunch at Ranger Station
1300 Start Trek
1430 ETA Camp 1
1600 ETA Camp 2 Set up camp (optional summit assault, view the sunset)
1700 Cooking time…
1900 Dinner….Socials….pus highlights of the past, present and future plans…

Day 2 – April 17, 2011
0400 Wakeup call for the best show on earth
0430 Early morning trek to summit for sunrise
0545 Arrival at summit just in time for sunrise
0700 Start descent from summit
0800 Break camp. Heavy breakfast
0900 Start descent to Ranger station
1130 Back at Ranger Station. Settle guide fees. Jeepney descent
1230 Back at Visitor’s Center. Tidy up and log out
1400 Head back to Baguio City
1700 ETA Baguio City. Dinner muna bago uwi kung may budget pa…
1900 Head back to Manila

Budget was also set for the team to prepare for it. Per person budget is P3000, including food/meals for the trip.

Bus fare - P450 one way
Jeepney Fare – 8K-9K (To be shared by the numbers of participants)
Green Fee, etc - P400 each
Guide – 100 per pax per day
Porter – 200/day (Optional)

As of Pre-Climb (March 30, 2011), final count of participants is 19.  We’re hoping to limit the participants to 20 so we will not have to shell out extra for the additional Jeepney. But, if more friends still wanted to join, it’s ok.  I’m more than willing to pay extra in exchange for the additional company and friendship.

So far, here are the list of the participants. Most of us are long time mountaineering friends, these are my friends who I met along during my previous climbs. These are the people who I had good and bad times with, but accepted me anyway. Some are just acquaintances, some are old time crushes (naks!), and there are also new friends to be added on the list, whom I’m sure be friends with because of this climb.

We call ourselves “Adobo Mountaineers”, because we are a collaboration of different personalities, from different parts of the Philippines, that blends well together to have fun and to achieve a common feat… To reach the summit and come back (of course!)… and have good times along the way.

Group 1
Olie ( short for Oliver )
Rodel (liit)
Rodel (laki)
Alex (beho)

Group 2
Atty Bong – (dad)
Elthon –
Alvin of Comelec
Ali for Alison ( lalake po sya )

Group 3
Boy & son Karl  
Joy – Me!
Melvin - hubby
Dianne - officemate

We grouped ourselves mainly for the division of food preparation and for the most awaited “Production Number” during the Socials.

Things to prepare:

Shoes – wala pa kong hiking shoes! Still looking for good bargain. Next week dapat makabili na, para ma-break-in pa!

Tent – check if still ok and usable. Hahaha! After 6 years of not being used, sana ok pa sya.

Stove – Need to borrow. Retired na yung cookset ko. Calling sir Kid!

Cookset – borrowed from Glen.

Sleeping bag – check!

Budget – Wala pa rin.. pero in God’s grace, magkakaroon yan! I believe! I believe!

Bus Tickets – To buy on April 4. Hubby and I were the designated “bus ticket buyer”.

Production Number for Group 3 – On going conceptualization!

Meal Plan – hindi pa napaguusapan.

Backpack – Needs to check, baka may sira na. Sana wala, don’t want to buy, wala ng pang-buy!

Jacket and other Pangginaw – To check my closet this weekend.

I’m feeling jittery and excited for this climb. I’m hoping all is good for this climb.

This is it.. I come!!!

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