Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 62 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

April 16, 2011 is the 62nd day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Saturday.
"Laba Dami Day!"

Since our supposed to be super-awesome weekend in Benguet was canceled, hubby and I decided to stay home and do household chores instead. With the allocated budget for the Pulag trip, We plan to use it instead to do house repairs and paint the roof in preparation for rainy months...
We started our day with a morning walk to the park, then jogged there for 30 minutes. It was around 8am, so the sun was so hot. I was planning for another round but i was easily exhausted from the heat. So after an hour at the park, we walk back home.

I was craving for TapSiLog so i suggested we had breakfast at Janet's Pares House. 

Breakfast: 1 order of Tapsilog. I exchange the fried rice to 1/2 steamed rice. Plus coffee.

After the scrumptious breakfast, we bought our repair and painting supplies and headed home...

Then off to our chores...

Hubby painted and repaired the roof, with 1 of our family friend that we hired to help him, while i was the labandera, cook and everything else in the house.

I cooked pork sinigang with lots of vegetables for lunch and prepared egg-wheat sandwich for snack. Shared with hubby and Sam (helper) with 2 boys (karl's playmates) who helped with the roof-painting.

Lunch: 1 cup sinigang soup, 1 bowl sinigang vegetables.

By dinner, hubby and I went to SM Novaliches to buy groceries for the house then ate at Mcdo. Hubby and i tried and shared the Mcdo Fish Fillet burger, a little bit sour because of the empowering flavor of the Mustard but good coz you know even if its fast food, it's a little less calories... Plus, we shared, so calorie intake is distributed into 2..hahahah (justifications! justifications!)

Dinner: 1/2 Mcdo Fish fillet burger

When we got home, i felt really tired. It was the first time after many years that i washed clothes, cleaned the kitchen & bathroom all by myself. I just hope, i burned the same calories of a 30 minute workout. However, i could have burn more calories if my Pulag climb was never canceled.

I bought popcorn for our movie night, but was never cooked because hubby and I decided to sleep instead. We were both tired and I have a training tomorrow at UP, so i need to rest so i could recharge for tomorrow's activities...


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