Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 63 of Biggest Loser Challenge 2

April 17, 2011 is the 63rd day of Biggest Loser Challenge 2, Sunday.
"Iskolar ng Rebisco"

Part of my ongoing project in the office (the project i was wining about from my previous week's posts) was a technical training for Linux. Since my team will be in-charge of the development and administration, we need to be familiarized with Linux. So we have no choice but to submit ourselves to this training. 

So with overtime work during weekdays, a possible work on saturdays, and now, a sunday training. hayysss..

However, i just looked at it as an opportunity to be better at my craft. I just have again to sacrifice my sunday bonding time with the family... So much for living my life in balance....

So by 6:30am, i ready myself for school. Hubby was so supportive of me that he volunteered to cook breakfast. I was so in a hurry i forgot to take pictures.

Breakfast: 1 small tilapia (fried), 1 1/2 cup of togue (ginisa)

I was at UPITTC by 9am. I was late, but the instructor was super late. I think he arrived around 10am. Introduction to the course and methodologies lasted till lunch.

By 11:30, lunch was served. Part of the training fee was overflowing coffee, lunch and pm snack. More reason not to go on a diet.  Good thing that the caterer let us choose between meat or fish viands, so i choose the latter and took home the rice they provided. 
Lunch: 1 medium daing na bangus (fried) with 1/2 cup ginisang beans as side dish. 1 small glass of iced tea.

During the training, i think i drank 2 cups of coffee.. i had to fight the sleeplessness that was engulfing me through the day, and after my last cup, i felt a migraine kicking in, so i limit it to just 2 cups.
PM Snack: 1 egg-wheat sandwich, 1 coffee

Snack served was iced tea and choice of ensaymada or mamon. I got my mamon, put it in my bag for hubby's pasalubong, and ate the egg sandwich that i packed instead. 

By 5:15pm i was heading home, i decided to rode a jeep from Pilcoa to fairview and that i later on regret.  The migraine went full blast because of the stressful commute along Commonwealth ave. The jeepney driver stops at all possible stops and the jeep was so open to pollution ( i think i topped my carbon intake for the rest of my life with this 30-minute ride alone).  

Even with a migraine, i still decided to go to church. It was Palm sunday so i was obliged to attend mass...Unfortunately, the palaspas vendor run out of palaspas so i was not able to buy one for the house. 

The Mass homily was good. As a start of the Holy week the priest preeched about how we should love... The priest played the Nestle 100 years commercial (yes! our church has a projector..hehehe). The commercial was about a love that lasted 100 years, just like nestle. According to the priest, this is how we should love... with loyalty to your partner, developmental and with salvific sacrifice ( or giving of oneself).

Nice way to start the holy week.
When i got home, hubby cooked fried chicken. I could never remember when was the last time i ate one, so digged in. Along with it, i ate the left over sinigang vegetables while watching Talentadong pinoy.
Dinner: 1 bowl of sinigang vegetables, 1 pc of fried chicken

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