Sunday, May 8, 2011

To my mommy Lyn

May 8, 2011, Mothers day...

I would never forget the day when i met you... You told me, that you have accepted me as your daughter and as part of the family. 

Even until after 6 year, you made me feel that way... and it never changed.

You have been a shoulder that our family can constantly rely on. You are what binds our family and keeps it strong...

You always has been my confidant when at times that i feel i had to let my heart out, from all the stress of being a mother and wife.

I thank you for being you. For being strong and making me strong. For supporting me and my family and extending your never ending love to us.

I am proud and thankful for having you as my 2nd mother. You are a blessing to me and my family.

We love and appreciate you very much.

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