Sunday, May 15, 2011

Best Things in Life are Free - from Mommy Mundo

I'm sharing my answer to one of online contest that i recently joined in... i think and believe that my answer is also the thoughts of similar mothers like me...

i love being a mom because..even with the  many expectations from me as a mother, and even i am still a work-in-progress,i still feel fulfilled, appreciated and important.

Share your thoughts too... through Momy Mundo Flip Giveaway

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Posted on April 27, 2011
We want to celebrate love this Mother’s month of May so we are FLIPping over this Mommy Mundo giveaway!
Get a chance to win a Flip MinoHD camera (with 1 hour recording time with image stabilization / 4 GB flash internal memory) from Mommy Mundo and Flip!

1) Contest is open to moms and expectant moms based in the Philippines only.
2) To join, simply complete this sentence: I love being a mom because_______________________.
3) Mommy Mundo wants your answers to be any of the following:
a. Heartwarming (Something that is touching and loving)
b. Funny (Something that will make moms laugh!)
c. Insightful/ reflective (Something that will make moms think!)
d. Real (Something that reflects moms lives and moms can relate to)
e. Special (Something catchy, personal and uniquely yours)
4) Answers may be posted on any one of the following (note: ONLY ONE, multiple posts of the same answer will NOT increase your chances of winning):
a. The comment box in the Mommy Mundo website (that’s right below!)
b. Mommy Mundo’s Facebook page here
c. Mommy Mundo Twitter Page here
5) Posts should include your complete name and email address.
6) Only one entry per person. Multiple posts from the same person will automatically disqualify her from winning.
7) Please keep your answers brief. Answers longer than 2 sentences will be disqualified.
8) Deadline for posting is May 28, Saturday, 11:59PM
9) Mommy Mundo will choose the winning statement and announce the winner on May 30, Monday 10AM here in the Mommy Mundo website.
10) Answers become property of Mommy Mundo.
We’re excited to see your answers! Thank you in advance and good luck to all!!
P.S. Don’t forget to celebrate Mother’s day with us by coming to Expo Mom on May 7, Saturday at the Rockwell Tent!

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