Thursday, January 20, 2011

Memories of CIBI....

If my memory serves me right...i've have worked with CIBI from June 2004 to March 2006...

I started with CIBI as a programmer, then promoted to Sr. Programmer then after 3 years, i head the department. CIBI has paved way for my career....
But, i am most greatful is for the 3 years that i have enjoyed working with such beautiful and real people... Yes, there has been office politics, but who's company says they dont.

And then, all i remember are the parties and the good times i shared with these people who have been and still are my friends....

In the IT department alone, i have been good friends with my boss and i sincerly miss that feeling. It is very rare that bosses and subordinates works well. In and out of the office. Maybe because we're both open minded and is sensitive to the feelings of others...We also share the same heart...heart of a woman... To sir wills, thank you for the good years shared during CIBI days... and looking forward to spending time again with you and the guys...

To all the other friends that i have shared my CIBI times with, i wish you all well..Hoping to meet you guys again in the future....

These are for you...

MIS planning 2005

MIS at Laiya Coco Grove

 CIBI Birthday celebrations


 MIS Holloween Costume

MIS First blood celebration

MIS in Baguio




Sir Wills and Maan
CIBI Management Planning

Gimmick nights

CIBI Marketing, Sales with MIS in UPLB training

 MIS gimik in onen of baguio bars
Kulitan sa baguio

MIS In Mines view, Baguio

MIS guys


MIS guys at Eub's House

The rest of the pictures can be found at my other blogs: and facebook

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