Monday, January 10, 2011

7 energy-boosting tips for tired mothers

... An excerpt from Home Grown by Toni Tiu

Motherhood is a twenty-four-hour job. From early morning feedings to picking up the children’s toys in the late evening, a mom’s to-do list doesn’t seem to end. While being a mother is richly rewarding, it is also very tiring. Motherhood is difficult. With the world revolving around a family’s needs, it can become easy for a mother to de-prioritize her own.  The result is a happy family and one noble but worn-out woman.
Being a mother doesn’t mean you have to be a martyr. Here are seven ways to avoid feeling weighed down by your tasks.

Nap when the baby naps. You might be thinking that the children’s naptime is prime time for you to get chores done. No kids running around will make decluttering a room easier, right? When they wake up though, they’ll probably make a mess again. Kids recharge their batteries when they nap – take a cue from them. They’re not the only ones who need a boost! You’ll feel renewed even after only thirty minutes of shut-eye. If you really can’t help completing errands while the kids are asleep, try to share at least one of their naptimes. Some kids nap in the morning and in the afternoon – choose one nap schedule for you just for your much-needed reboot.

Make an effort to look good, even when you’re just at home. Walking around the house in your pajamas and scruffy ponytail is comfortable. When the mommy blues hit you though, you’ll feel as grungy as you look. Ditch the jammies and wear something smart and neat. Blow-dry your hair after your morning shower for a good hair day. Dab a little lipstick on even if you’re not leaving the house. If you look good, you’ll feel good.

Call a friend. Even the most organized mother will have her off days. Grab the phone, dial a friend and rant away. Having the support of a friend is critical in maintaining your sanity.

Get out of the house. Cabin fever can set in on a mother too. You need to step out of those four walls at least once a day. Take the kids on a morning walk around the neighborhood. The warmth of the sun and the crisp morning air will do wonders in rejuvenating your spirit. If you prefer solitude and don’t want to wander too far, stand outside your house in the late evening and just stare at the starlit sky. The quiet of your surroundings and the evening’s breeze will help restore some of that lost energy.

Ask for help. Every mom, no matter how super she aims to be, will have that moment when she’s completely worn-out. It’s not a sign of weakness if you have to ask your sister or neighbor to watch the kids for awhile. While the kids are with them, go and do your thing! Take that long shower you’ve been dreaming about. Eat sitting down.

Do not skip a meal. If you think that you’re saving time for other tasks by not eating during mealtimes, think again. Nourish yourself the way you nourish your family. This is not only good for your health, sitting down and sharing a meal with the family can help relax you. That to-do list can wait during mealtimes.

Celebrate yourself. You’re a multifaceted woman. Never forget that. Don’t let motherhood stop you from pursuing your passions and indulging in your hobbies. The key is always balance, but even just a few minutes a day could suffice. Get lost in a good book. Give yourself a pedicure. Write poetry. Exercise. Don’t let a day pass by without doing something you love.

A tired Mom can make for a grumpy Mom. Before you turn into Momzilla, take action! While you may place your family’s needs always before your own, don’t forget to still fulfill your needs. A happy mother makes for a happy household after all.

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