Monday, January 10, 2011

My thoughts on Infidelity.. (repost from my other blog)


Recently, i read a blog regarding a similar situation… i would not want to go into details, since this will encalcate different queries.. and its not my business to disclose.

I also read this a thousand times in forums regarding relationships and married life. This also has been the most topic among friends and family.

I’ve also talked to many people, who shared their own take on this problem. But, for me, the best answer, rather, solution that i’ve received was this… This came from a chat-mate, single guy, around 30ish. I dont know if he speaks from experience or just smart.

Read on..

Infidelity is a common situation…


nobody is immune here and lets not judge anybody if it will happen…

If it doesn’t happen…then GREAT!

But if it happens……it should be managed carefully..

People who fall into infidelity should follow a CODE.

First! A code of SILENCE…It includes plausible deniability. Both partners should take extra efforts to conceal, deny and obfuscate.

Second! Both sides should have a clear picture of their first PRIORITIES in life and do all to meet these priorities….evertyhing else is… a far secondary.

Third! Both partners should be AWARE and have a clear reason why they engage in infidelity and why through infidelity satisfies a specific need or a gap the marriage they are coming from. Once this need is fulfilled, then go back to normal life.

Simple but true. These answers the undying question of how to handle situation on infidelity.


Never there are married couple who’s relationship is 100% smooth. Mine is not. But im destined to hold on to it. There will be bumps along the way, whether you like it or not. But ending the marriage is not always the solution. Hold on to it. As you have promised during your wedding day.

This is just a phase in your married life where your bond is being tested. This will eventually strengthen your marriage bond. You’ll be proud someday when your 50ish and still holding your partner’s hand while playing with your grand children.

Follow the CODE. It will help.

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