Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Addicted to watching TV series...

Beverly Hills 90210 - I watch these during my college days. They were so cool at that time.

Dawson's Creek - I love Joshua Jackson.Period!

Gilmore Girls - I watch all 7 season 3 times already. I love their witty conversation and how cool their lifestyle was. Lorelie was a very cool single mother... It was frustrating that they had to end it...

Smallville - I was addicted from season 1 to 4, then didn't continue after. I guess i got tired of the same plot, different problem everytime. Though i still adore Clark Kent. I even nick-named my youngest son Kent...

Desperate Housewives - I so adore the plot of this series. It was very creatively written...

CSI - I feel that while i was watching this series, i was one of them. When i was in high-school i was able to help recover a stolen rubber shoes, by being observant on my classmate's movements. If i have more gut's in college, i might have taken Criminology back then.

Grey's Anatomy - I love the drama. But i hate meredith.

Private Practice - The reality of being a doctor touched me so much, as well as the reality of life.

House - So admire his intelligence. That's House!  My friend Glen got me addicted to House.

Dexter - I So love Dexter. For me he's cool in his own way.. Im not the type who gross out on movies like this. Especially if the plot is good. Waiting for Season 3...

America's Best Dance Crew - Back in college, i use to join a dance group, Glen got me hooked up with these. However, i stopped at Season 1. I figured, i should stop imagining myself as a choreagrapher.

Glee - I watch because i was curious, because of their good publicity.

Spartacus - Rated R. Nothing more!

Warehouse 13 - This is the first series i watch, from weird collection. I like smart characters investigating a plot.

White Collar - I love Matthew Bomer! Period!

Castle  - Stopped at Episode 2 of Season 1.

Fringe - The concept of Parallel Universe kept me addicted. Still at the beginning of Season 2..can't wait as the plot thickens.. I just hope, the parallel univers isn't real.

Nip Tuck - Gross but i love it.

Eureka - What can i say, smart watchers like smart TV series character.



As i was listing this, i was amazed with myself. I must have spent a year if i accumulated the hours i spent watching these TV series..However, i still crave for more...

During my single days, i frequent theaters with friends, creating my love for movies.. And now that i'm with limited budget and time, i just collected DVDs and downloads just to be able to watch these series...

There are thousand of TVSeries available, but i choose what i watch. I believe that i have taste on the series that i choose, and im proud to recommend my lists..

I read an article that one should limit TV time to 1 hour a day to nothing, but i cant help it. It's my "Me" time. I see to it that i gain something everytime i watch these series.

So with popcorn at hand, or sometimes my lunch... I'm continously addicted!!!

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