Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New year

I'm starting my new year with my new blog..

However, before i start posting.. here are my evaluation of my previous year 2010...

My targets for 2010 was..
1. Acquire our own house in Laguna
2. Organize savings money
3. Buy computer
4. Buy a bike and learn how to bike

So far... out of the 4 goals that i have for 2010, i only successfully accomplished 1.. we bought our own laptop last October 2010. With 50/50 contributions from my husband's SSS loan and my secret personal savings account.

The house we were planning to buy in Laguna, did not push thru, because of the Sales Contract that did not happen between me and the seller. Plus, there are other options/houses that we're still looking at.

The organization of our savings money, was mainly my problem, i was not able to set aside time to do it. So, for 2011, i'll be transfering this as my priority in my TO DO list.

And lastly, i promise to myself, i will buy a bike, this month january 2011, and start part of my family's diet and get healthy plan for 2011..

I remember, my personal slogan for 2010 was "Project: Better Me" .. however, i personally wasn't convince that i became better.. first, starting 2011 with a 10kg over-weight is not good.  and many more reasons that i cannot convince myself that im a better person that my 2009 person..

But with 2011 starting up, i have another reason to re-motivate myself and improve on myself, my family and my life. 2010 still has been a good year for me and my family -- and that i am thankful...

With an open heart and mind -- im opening new targets, new promises and new opportunities for my life in 2011.

Happy new year all!!!

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