Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Kind of Dad had a contest to be posted on their Father's day issue.. and this is my entry.. i hope i win...

My Kind of Dad

When mom left us when i was still 3, and my 2 other siblings, both boys, were 2 & 1 to work abroad, my father was the one who took care of us for almost 25 years. Now i have a family of my own and he still took care of me and my family.  My dad had a Mass Comm degree then, but he chose to settle in the province and
be a farmer, to take care of the Land and secure it for his children. When i was old enough to understand things, i hear my father cry because he knows he cannot give us what we always wanted, but he doesn't know, is that, he is all we need.
Because of him, we had valued anything we had. I want my father to have a break from taking care of us, and let us take care of him this time,that's why i want to give him the Feast for the Family man c/o Robinsons Supermarket. He really really deserves it.

I love you dad!  This one's for you....


Contest mechanics on..

My Kind of Dad essay contest

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Can you describe your dad in 300 words or less?

Well, make sure it's creative, heart-warming and touching because Philippine Star and Robinsons is giving away a P10,000 shopping spree to six lucky dads. What's great is that you can choose what your dad will win:

a. Pampering treat from Robinsons Department store
b. Tool kit from Handyman
c. Feast for the family man c/o Robinsons Supermarket
d. Techie dad showcase from Robinsons Appliances
e. Toy collection from Toys R Us
f. Gifts for dads from True Value

So here's what you need to do, write a 300-word essay explaining why your dad is the kind of guy who deserve any of the following prizes.  Send your entries to on or before June 3, 2011 together with the following details:

- Name, age and address of sender
- Contact info of sender
- Name and address of your dad
- Prize preference

Winners must make themselves available on June 10, 2011 for the prize turnover and agree to publish his/ her story in the June 19 issue of Philippine Star.

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