Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mommy Duty -- Menu Planner for May to June 4

One of my chores as a mother is my weekly menu planning. And i've read that this is such a hot topic among mothers. So since i'm religiously doin' this every Saturday morning for my family, might as well post it here, so it can help other moms as well..

This is part of my family savings plan. Every payday, i set aside P2000 for the food, P1000 for the groceries... AND I STICK TO IT, as much as i can.

This week, i have nothing left in the ref, so i have i'm starting my menu from scratch... Read on..

Lunch : Adobo
Dinner:Beef Nilaga

B: Pansit Habhab. Hubby bought three of these from Lucban Quezon during his trip to the Pahiyas
L: Igado
D: Chopseuy

B: Fried Chx
L: Misua with Patola
D: Fried Galunggong

B: Omelet
L: Corned Beef
D: Fried Daing na Bangus

B: Tortang Talong
L: Chx Tinola
D: Pakbet

B: Daing na Bangus
L&D: Singang na Baboy

B: Onion & Tomato Omelet
L: Sotanghon
D: Chx Gata


I have recently heard that i have to do away from meat and more on vegetable. If i have to eat meat, should be chicken or fish. So this menu was inspired by that.

I will try to post upcoming menu whenever my schedule permits. At first i was hesitant, coz the whole world will know how "kuripot" i am... but it may help others also...and that's what matters..

And also, i want to remember doing things for my family, when im already old and cant remember it. hehehe...

This can also be my reference, when i'm doing my planning and i ran out of ideas for my menu... 

So...Till next menu planning...

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  1. was this is quite an interesting menu you come up with mommy, pansit habhab is one my ultimate favorites! ;) i just wish i can cook as many dishes so i can extend my menu. btw, i was not able to send you an e-mail yet since i don't have your contact details, kindly send me your email. thanks
    jared's little corner



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