Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Blog for 2012

At 11:20pm of January 28, 2012, im starting to blog again....

I haven't written a blog since i can remember last year... Maybe because, i was so busy thinkin' of so many things... personal and professional...

Currently, im still in turmoil... With a new baby coming in, im not sure of things to come.... But im equally excited...

So, with my old and new journal at hand, im going to evaluate first what happened to me last 2011..

As written in my 2011 journal, my goals were:
1. Organize our 2010 savings
2. Buy a bike and learn to bike
3. 2011 savings plan
4. Acquire new house in Laguna
5. Renovate Karl's room
6. Renew my Passport
7. Salvan Family Trip
8. Improve health and diet plan
9. Buy a flash kit for our SLR.

And out of the 9 targets -- got only 3 checks!!!  I was able to organize our 2010 and 2011 savings and started our way on buying our new house in Laguna.

Here are the reasons why i was not able to reach all goals:
First: Yes, i was able to improve my health and diet plan, by joining and winning the Biggest Loser Challenge again at work, but, by end of the year, i gained almost half of my weight, because of the baby bump...

Second, Yes, i was able to organize our 2011 and 2011 savings, but have to cash it all out as downpayment for the house we are buying.. So by end of 2011, we have no savings at all....

Third, By May 2011, my brother announced that he's going to get married by December, so aside for my giving birth by January 2012, i have to financially prepare for the expenses of attending and sharing for my brother's wedding. So there goes, my budget for my flash kit lens and bike.

Obviously, my plans to learn the bike is very impossible given the baby bump i was having. Plus the Salvan Family Trip was cancelled because we have to priority budget for the house-buying project. But, i consider our trip to Isabel last December our best Family Trip ever!

But given the 3 goals reached out of 9, i think it was worth it. By end of the year, we were able to acquire DOAS from the seller and on our way in transferring the title to our name.  God is also good because by end of the year, our property, though not yet in our name, already is earning income. Not bad at all.

So, we bid 2011 goodbye, and started looking forward to the new year. After taking care of 2011 plans, we are looking forward to 2012. Here is what to come:

New Baby Boy. All plans are now for the welcoming of our new baby boy. Mel started to renovate the house, from Karl's room to the sala, to the kitchen. The two kuyas were overly excited to meet their "baby bunso"

 Financially, this year will all be savings to pay-off loans. Not sure if we can make it, but i always believe that He will never let me down. I'm still optimistic that we'll close all loans by end of the year.

Major Travel Plans for the family will still be put on hold this year, but will definitely make sure that family bonding will not be compromised.

No major purchase plans also. But we believe that God will give us more blessing this year..

I'm looking forward for my Maternity Leave. My last one. Will take this opportunity to bond more with the family and take a rest from my professional life. I'll just wish my colleagues will respect that and give me privacy while on ML.
Will also take this time to look for other earning opportunities, while on leave. I feel that my position in the company i am in is being compromised and needed to look on the other direction...

So, in short, this year would be more challenges for me and the family.  But, i believe, challenges are there to make you strong as an individual and as a family. God will never give me challenges that i cannot handle, so  i am facing 2012 with strong faith.

I just have to pray more, prioritize, focus on the blessings, be healthy for the family, be more patient, get organized, put aside savings for the rainy days and pick my battles properly.

So 2012... bring it on....

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